Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas On School Bullying

Korean Dramas are primarily based on fundamental aspects. People love watching Dramas based on real stories, which show reality the society. Bullying is a crucial problem in South Korea. When the competition is, too high, people try to remove their competition by bullying the weaker people. There are many Korean Dramas that show the brutal bullying more vulnerable students go through in their schools. Here are the Top 10 Korean Dramas on School Bullying.

1. Revenge Of Others

Revenge of Others is one of the best Korean dramas about school Bullying. The Drama is about a student who was killed at school and declared suicide. His twin sister, Ok Chanmi doesn’t believe and starts investing independently. Ok Chanmi transfers to her brother’s school. Ji So Heon starts taking revenge for the students who are bullied. Ok Chanmi and Ji So Heon team up to find the killer. Revenge of Others released in 2022 with 12 episodes.

2. Extracurricular

Extracurricular is all about school bullying and violence. This Korean drama highlights many crimes done by young people deliberately. Extracurricular is about a high school student who is a topper and doesn’t interfere in other matters. He gets steeped in a world of serious crime. The Drama highlights the issues of sex trafficking, bullying, school violence, and drugs. Extracurricular released in 2020.

3. The King Of Pigs

Kyung Min is a man living with the trauma of school violence he experienced twenty years ago. An unexpected case causes his repressed emotions to resurface. Detective Jong Suk receives a mysterious letter which reminds him of school violence that happened twenty years ago. He begins to chase the mysterious message and tries to stop more murders. The King of Pigs is a Korean drama based on school bullying and school violence that permeates today’s modern society. The King of Pigs released in 2022 with 12 episodes.

4. Weak Hero Class 1

Weak Hero Class One is about vulnerable students constantly getting beaten by bullies. Yeon Shi Eun looks weak physically but has a great sense. The drama shows how he uses his mind to stand up against the violence in their school. The drama shows how bullies try to make weaker students’ life hell. Weak Hero Class One is one of the most popular dramas on school Bullying. The Drama released in 2022 with ten episodes.

5. Class Of Lies

This drama tells a story of a very successful Lawyer who faces downfall due one case. Later, he becomes a Full-time Teacher in a High school linked to his case. He sees the evil things going on in his class. He starts protecting the victims of bullying. The Drama shows the reality of teenagers facing little to no repercussions after committing a crime just because they are teenagers. The Drama also shows how victims of bullying are not protected at all. Class of Lie released in 2019.

6. How To Buy A Friend

How to Buy a Friend tells the story of Don Hyuk, a highly praised high school fighter. After his Girlfriend; committed suicide, he overcame trauma. When Don Hyuk returns to school, he finds a poem by Chan Hong. Don Hyuk finds clues related to his girlfriend’s death in the poem. He tries to investigate it more and takes help from Chan Hong. In return, he becomes Chan Hong’s personal Bodyguard. The Contractual relationship entangles them in a dramatic chain of events as they try to uncover the truth. The Drama was released in 2022 on Viki with eight episodes.

7. Save Me

Save is about extreme bullying in school and at the hands of religious leader. Sang Mi and Sang Ji are twin siblings. Sang Jin has a physical disability and constantly bullied at school. He is often beaten up and humiliated by bullies. Sang Mi tries to save him, but one Day; he commits suicide. This incident makes their family a bind follower of the religious leader. Sang Mi takes her classmates help to get out of this vicious trap. Save Me shows cases of extreme bullying and violence. The Drama released in 2017.

8. The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Drama is one of the best dramas about bullying. This Drama is about how the victim stands for himself and for other students. The Uncanny Counter is about So Min, a weak boy who cripples and becomes a toy in the hand of a bullying group in a school. He wants revenge but is not strong enough to protect himself or his friends. When he gets the power, he restores his physical strengths and stands against bullies. The Uncanny Counter is a fantasy mystery show based on school bullying. Uncanny Counter released in 2020.

9. True Beauty

True Beauty is a romantic comedy. This Drama is about a high school student who is bullied for her nasty looks. The Female lead is not only bullied by her schoolmates, but her mother is also ashamed of her looks. She doesn’t fit into society’s beauty standards. One Day she gets humiliated at school that she tries to commit suicide by jumping from roof-top. Lee Su Hu saves her from jumping, and the female lead’s life changes after that incident. True Beauty got famous for its funny and romantic storyline.

10. Angry Mom

This drama is also about school bullying, which portrays the role of a strong mother. Jo Kang Ja is the mother of high school student Oh Ah Ran. One day; she finds out her daughter is bullied at school. Jo Kang Ja decides to join the school as a student and changes her name. She protects her daughter from rich spoiled bullies. Angry Mom released in 2015.