Article: Best Anime Characters Of All Time

The explosive rise in popularity of anime in recent years has led us to meet the best anime characters like Dragon Ball’s Goku, who became a household name even outside of Japan. Lovable and interesting characters help to make a series both profitable and memorable. Even though not every character reaches that bar, the best of the best are just not heroes with whom fans can relate, they are characters who showcase their hopes, dreams, fears, and their unique charisma.

1. Light Yagami- Death Note

Light Yagami, the protagonist, is one of the greatest anti-heroes in the series. His genius-level intellect makes him quite fascinating to watch. Despite the series being over for years, it is still relevant, with shows parodying them. Before even discovering the Death Note, he had aspirations and a desire to improve the world. His intentions are good, but they often seem to win the support of fans and they smite his charm and brilliance.

2. Ichigo Kurosaki- Bleach

Ichigo ranks among the sweetest shonen protagonists. He has the power of a Hollow, a Quincy, and a Soul Reaper, which gives him a wide array of abilities making his fights incredibly flashy. He has a caring personality and a unique appearance. His personality remains a consistent part from beginning to end, even when he grows.

3. Eren Yeager- Attack On Titan

Eren quickly became one of the most popular anime characters because of his morals and distinctive personality. Even though his character wasn’t strong in the start, he soon developed into a powerful anti-hero after discovering his Titan-shifting powers. He never backs away from a fight and always seems to be the first one to jump into action and lead. His friendship is one of the best relationships in the anime, with Mikasa and Armin, and to whom he always remains loyal.

4. Naruto Uzumaki- Naruto

Naruto is the best Shonen Jump anime of all time. He was adored by fans for his relentless charisma and drive. Even though he had no family and as a child was rejected by his people, he developed into an upright and respectable adult, who is defending those people who bullied him. He is entertaining, intelligent, and a devoted friend, which makes his character the best.

5. Usagi Tsukino- Sailor Moon

Usagi is the everygirl, who is interested in fashion and boyfriends and doesn’t like doing schoolwork. She is often seen as a reluctant hero, as her magical destiny was forced upon her without her permission. She is the recreation of the ruler of the ancient Moon Kingdom, Queen Serenity, and is thus given the role of Sailor Moon. She is tasked with protecting the Earth from all evil forces.

6. Sakura Kinomoto- Cardcaptor Sakura

She is one of the most magical girls of all time. She is a sweet young girl who by accident releases the Clow Cards, tha pt ends up unleashing ancient magic on the world. The task of recapturing and slaying their magic comes upon her, while she just wants to love her ordinary life. She has a relatable relationship with her brother, with them often teasing each other. Unlike other characters, she isn’t fearless, but it is her willingness to push on.

7. Saitama- One Punch Man

Saitama is an ordinary but relatable guy who just happens to have incredible strength. He is the titular one-punch man, with his carefree and detached demeanour, who has the power to defeat any villain with just a single strike. He is the kind of guy who is a hero for fun. he is the moral core of the series, winning characters over to his way of thinking by living up to his ideals. With an unrivalled power set and unique hook, he isn't just the strongest anime character, but also one of the most iconic.

8. Monkey D.Luffy- One Piece

It is one of the longest-running anime. Monkey is a silly innocent man who is known for his goofiness, loyalty, and of course his trademark smile. He will stop at nothing when it comes to protecting his friends and also their ambitions, and dreams of becoming King of the Pirates. His real dream in the series is to be free and to explore the world’s hidden corners. His courage and honesty make him who can always be counted on.

9. Ash And Pikachu- Pokémon

Ash Ketchum is the protagonist of Pokémon, and generations of kids grew up along with him. Mentioning him won’t be complete without the mention of Pikachu, his best friend. He is a loyal Pokémon who never leaves his side and is often seen perched upon his shoulder. His determination is unlike any other protagonist, as his quest to become the greatest Pokémon Master is often seen with him against the world-ending threats. He is courageous and never afraid to stand up for what is right.

10. Goku- Dragon Ball

Goku served as the main protagonist of the series for thirty-two years and has kept the show running with his innocence, wit, power, and charm. We can see him grow from a bratty young boy into the Earth’s greatest defender. His greatest asset is his ability to turn enemies into friends, speedily his friendship with Saiyan Vegeta, who changed from an unrepentant killer to a family man because of Goku. His loyalty, pure heart, dedication, and selflessness are his best traits.