Article: Best Yandere Anime Character Of All Time

Yandere is a dere type that combines yandere, which means sick and dere, which means lovey-dovey. The motto of yandere characters is, If I can’t have them, no one can. Yandere is someone so lovesick that they are willing to do anything just to end up with the one they love. These characters are so fixated on their love act as if they are sweet and kind to everyone on the inside, they are willing to go as far as murder on the inside if someone comes in their way. These characters become fan favourites even though they seem to be incredibly scary.

1. Himiko Toga- My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga has a pretty wrapped perspective on society. Other yandere often seem to leave a trail of blood behind them, but Himiko brings a whole new meaning to this already disturbing visual. Her quirks allow her to turn into someone else after she drinks their blood. She is obsessed with Uraraka and Izuku. She didn’t have an easy upbringing.

2. Yukako Yamagishi

Yukako is a stand user who can freely manipulate her hair. At first, she appears to be demure and sweet, but she quickly starts to show her darker side to Koichi Hirose, her crush and obsession. She is often considered one of the reasons why most yandere are high school girls. Many consider her to be the first official Yandere character.

3. Kaede Fuyou- Shuffle

Kaede Fuyou is a sweet and kind girl who after her mother dies suffers from trauma. Rin Tsuchimi is her childhood friend. She wants to handpick out with Rin but gets pushed aside when Rin chooses to be with Asa. Asa and Kaede were friends, but their relationship got strained. The final straw for her is when Rin and Asa go on a date. Kaede attacks Asa by slamming her into a wall, this causes her to have a heart attack and also hospitalizes her.

4. Shinkawa Kyouji- Gun Gale Online

Kyouji, also known as Spiegel, is the main antagonist of the anime. He is the son of a hospital director and resents his father's expectations. He prefers to stay in a virtual world. He introduces Asada to Gun Gale Online and starts to develop emotions for her but she rejects him. In retaliation, he uses a paralyzing drug on her that almost kills her. Fortunately, she was saved by Kirigaya, hence proving Kyouji is a total yandere.

5. Yuno Gasai- Future Diary

She is often referred to as the Yandere Queen and is one of the best Yandere anime girls. In the death game, all the contestants have a special diary that they can use to help eliminate the competition. Yuki’s goal is to end the game without having to kill anyone, which Yuno helps achieve. Yuno only cares about Yuki, and also reveals that her diary revolved around Yuki and her goal was to end up with him.

6. Satou Matsuzaka- Happy Sugar Life

Satou’s rough upbringing fuller her yandere behaviour. She is attached to a young girl, Shio, whose mother abandons her. It is revealed that she is keeping Shio locked up, by saying that she is doing this for her protection. She is in love with Shio and will do anything for her including arson, blackmail, and murder.

7. Mizuki- Kamisama Kiss

Mizuki is a snake yokai. He kidnaps Namami after finding out that she is the Mikage shrine’s new land god. It was soon discovered that he was just lonely since his god had abandoned the shrine, and he sat around for a hundred years just waiting for her to return. Namani had asked him for help in rescuing Tomoe. She falls unconscious and he uses this opportunity to kiss her and forcibly become her second familiar.

8. Minatsuki Takami- Deadman Wonderland

Minatsuki became a yandere after her mother instead of her daughter chose to save her garden during an earthquake. She became cruel, and a compulsive liar who loves stirring up drama between everyone else. At first seems shy and reserved but her true personality is jarring. She killed her father. She enjoys putting her brother through hell and also gaslighting him into believing that everything is his fault.

9. Kofuku- Noragami

Kofuku’s dark side even terrifies Bishomon, the goddess of war. She comes off as a very naive young girl but is terrifying. Since she is an airhead and mischievous on the surface, it is quite scary to see her more sinister side. Daikoku is usually seen keeping her in line, but her dangerous antics have gotten people hurt in the past. She isn't a traditional yandere, but she seems to pull off the typical yandere creepy but cute aesthetic pretty well.

10. Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna is the student council president who also enforces the law. Any civilisation must remain chaste and impurity of any kind must be banned. Anna even though she wants to enforce the law, at the same time she also wants Tanukichi Okuma’s attention. Tanukichi joins a territorial organization, SOX, that is bent on proliferating obscene material to get close to Anna. When any girl tries to approach him, her yandere tendencies take over.