Article: Top 10 K-Pop Songs That Have No English Words

Recently, there has been an upsurge in K-pop songs that use maximum English lyrics. Queencard by G-Idle can be one example. Sometimes, they even produce full English songs, such as The Feels of Twice. Yet, one can get the proper essence of Korean pop only from Korean lyrics. So here is a list of the top ten Korean songs that have no English words in them.

1. Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen

This masterpiece is from 2017, however, one can’t help but shed a bucket of tears when one hears “ulgo sipji ana”. This song is perfect for those who just got out of a relationship. The phase of post-breakup is painful, so as you reminisce the bittersweet memories, you can sing along to this song too, even if all lyrics are in Korean.

2. Luna By Oneus

Tragically beautiful is the phrase I would like to use for this song. Even though you can’t understand the lyrics without the subtitles, trust me, you can still feel the power of longing in this song. The traditional Korean instrumentals make it one elegant track to listen to at night.

3. Shangri-La By Vixx

From the aesthetics of the music video to the lyrics, Shangri-La is a complex layered art.  Rather than their usual horror genre, they managed to group their dark aura into a sensuality. Of course, a song like this should be far away from random English words thrown in between, so we are pretty thankful for it.

4. Into The New World By Girls Generation

This debut song by the iconic group of South Korea can unite us. This song gives power to the people to fight against injustice despite being a minority. No wonder why this song is such a popular song for LGBTQ+ and feminist movements. Into The New World is a powerful anthem for a K-pop fan.

5. Tonight By Jin

Animal lovers, gather here! Jin has made the perfect song that beautifully denotes our bond with our pets. He sings about this daily companionship and how having grown accustomed to it; he is scared of what life will be like without it. Anyone who has lost a pet, especially one they've owned for a long period, can completely relate to the song.

6. Hwaa By G-Idle

"Hwaa" narrates the story of how people endure the bitter cold of heartbreak (winter), blossom in the splendor of growth (spring), and ultimately blaze in the light of regeneration (summer) through seasonal variations. Just like Shangri-La and Luna, this song also employs Korean traditional instruments. The composition of the song wouldn’t have matched with unnecessary English words, hence the omission.

7. Downpour By I.O.I

I.O.I was, is, and will still be missed. Thankfully, we still have their songs, and one is Downpour. The downpour is a metaphor for the tears shed at their farewell, signifying the emotional chaos of closing a core chapter of our life. This sincere return of greetings and the emotional journey of growth and separation are captured in this song's melodies and strong vocals, which listeners still reminisce about.

8. Glass Bead By Gfriend

This debut song is the definition of the word ‘pure’. It is innocent, yet in this sweetness lies the strength that can never be broken. The song plants the seeds of imagination, much like the nostalgia of teenage romance novels where each love feels as though it could be the ultimate one. This only serves to enhance the overall sense of naivety in this presentation.

9. Catallena By Orange Caramel

This song is a representative K-pop song. Its silly quirks add to the charm. Fun fact, this song although has no English lyrics but includes a Punjabi line! Who can forget the random addition of “Jutti meri, oye hoye hoye; Paulla mera, oye hoye hoye”! So, this song is a lesson on how to effortlessly incorporate lyrics of any language possible.

10. Eyes, Nose, And Lips By Taeyang

Taeyang has done a fantastic job with his storytelling in music. Through the use of the symbols for eyes, noses, and lips—the song expresses the intense feelings of sadness and longing. The song's lyrics show the deep agony of a former relationship, so the absence of English lyrics was welcome here.