Article: Top 10 Japanese Horror Films

Horror films are loved by numerous people as they give you an adrenaline rush while sitting and watching a movie. While some get scared to hide behind a pillow many love the intrigue, mystery, thrill and gore of the horror movies. If you already know the names of all the western horror movies, maybe it's time to dive into something different. I have listed below ten Japanese horror movies which I loved and I hope you will like too.

1. Ushikubi Village 2022

It is the third movie in a set of three movies. All three of them are equally horrible and if you are a horror movie fan, I think you will like all three. This movie is set in the Hokuriku region's Tsubono Mineral Springs. The poster alone strikes fear in the heart of the weaker species.


2. Tokyo Ghoul 2017

The Irony is astounding here! A university student is attacked by a human flesh eating creature called a ghoul; he is saved and the ghoul gets injured. They are both taken to the hospital where ironically the student is saved when he receives an organ transplant from the ghoul thus turning him into a half ghoul.


3. Tag 2015

The movie is based on female high school students who suddenly find themselves to be the target of various ghosts. The ghosts are all bizarre and their range is huge, it includes a groom with a pig's face and a teacher with  a machine gun.


4. Tokyo Gore Police 2008

It is a mutation of sci-fi and horror. The story is of a policewoman who extracts revenge from cyborgs. These cyborgs are not ordinary cyborgs, these cyborgs have gone through horrible transformations to become something out of people's nightmares.


5. Noroi : The Curse 2005

The movie is in a documentary style, a documentary that has been shot by an independent journalist who specialises in the paranormal. His documentary, though great, is left incomplete. It is a great watch as the movie is very unpredictable, it keeps on twists and turns to form a story as it gradually comes to a close.


6. Marebito 2004

This is the story of a cameraman who has an obsession with the emotion of fear. He comes across the footage of a man committing suicide and rushes to the scene to understand the incident better. But this opens the door for a whole lot of bizarreness where he finds among others the ghost of a beautiful mute girl.


7. One Missed Call 2003

A young student of psychology finds herself in the midst of a sticky situation when her friend receives a voice message from her future self and then mysteriously dies. This leads to the female lead's discovery that her friend's death was not the only one there were many more like it. Soon she receives a similar message and struggles to survive.


8. Dark Water 2002

The story centers around a woman who is recently divorced. She struggles to keep custody of her daughter and decides to start anew in a new apartment. Soon, the mother-daughter duo start having visions of a little girl and from there on things take a drastic turn.


9. Ju-On: The Grudge 2002

It is a movie which lingers in your mind long after it's ended. The movie tells the story of a spirit which raises hell for anyone who dares cross the threshold of the house he resides in. He also stays in your mind and gives you jump scares every time you pass a dark place after watching this movie.


10. Versus

This movie is a perfect combination of action and horror. The story takes place in a forest which has gates to the netherworld. The movie begins as a mystery but soon reveals why it is a classic in the horror movies. It has everything a horror movie lover needs from undead who rise to re enactment of past incidents.