Article: Top 10 Korean Horror Films

Horror films with their squeaky doors and flying humans and violence and gore have become a huge part of many people's lives. And for all those who don't step into the Korean movie universe because of the fluffy romances they have seen and think that those are not your type, I have got you sorted. I have listed for you ten Korean films which will satiate the horror movie lover in you.

1. #Alive 2020

The story of a young gamer who stays with his parents in a complex in Seoul. When there is suddenly a zombie apocalypse he is left to survive on his own with the belief that he is the sole survivor of his kind until he meets another survivor. The zombies like many other Korean zombie movies were perfect to the t. If you really love zombie movies this movie won't disappoint you.


2. Gonjiam: The Haunted Asylum 2018

A horror web series crew goes to a desolate Asylum in search of content for their series. They are not prepared for what happens next. They encounter something which is nothing short of a dreadful nightmare. The horror web series crew suddenly find themselves in the midst of a real series with horrible things happening to them.


3. The Wrath 2018

It is a movie set in the Joseon era. When three grooms who are brothers die on the same day, two women become each other's enemy. What ensues then is spine-chilling and is a great watch for horror movie lovers.


4. Train To Busan 2016

This story has it all - from zombies, to the unconditional love between a father and a daughter and of course the ever charismatic Gong Yoo. The movie is set in a train which is attacked by some people who are infected by a virus and have somehow escaped the lab. This has been suggested by many horror movie fans as a must watch drama.


5. The Wailing 2016

A blend of many things to make a perfect dish. This movie has zombies, shamans, demons, exorcisms and a lonely, desolate mountain where everything takes place. There is violence and gore and the movie has a dark aura. If you love horror movies do watch it, it gave me chills while I was watching it.


6. Bedeviled 2010

The story of a woman who was forced to take a vacation at work. She then travels to a forsaken island which she had visited in her childhood at the urgent and earnest request of her friend. The island was almost destroyed with everything in shambles including people's morals, principles and character. When chaos ensues this woman must do everything in her power to escape this dreaded island of horrors.


7. Thirst 2009

The story of a kind priest who always tries to help others. He goes to Africa to take part in a risky experiment which could save lives but ends up being infected by a virus. Due to a turn of events, though, he suddenly comes back to life as a vampire. When he returns back home he is believed to have healing powers by others. The most intriguing thing happens when he finds himself attracted to his sick childhood friend's wife.


8. Hansel & Gretel 2007

The story begins with a young man who loses his way in the forest and finds himself in a house with three children. The children have everything that they could need. In reality, these kids had the power to give life to their imagination and use them to seek vengeance from the world.


9. Three … Extremes 2004

This movie is a collection of three short stories in it, all of which will be loved by horror movie fans. The first one is about a woman who wants to be young and beautiful and would go to any lengths to get her wish fulfilled. The second movie is about a horror film director who wakes up from an unconscious state to find himself in the midst of something probably as disturbing as the horror movie he directs if not more. The last movie is narrated by a novelist who tells us about a magician and his twin daughters who show the act of fitting themselves in small boxes. A horrible incident happens and the movie leaves you with a lot to think about.


10. A Tale Of Two Sisters 2003

The story is about two sisters, one of whom returns after her treatment from a mental asylum. The sisters decide to move their country home where they found their father has remarried. The two sisters detest this new woman who seems to have taken the place of their dead mother. As the movie continues strange incidents take place and secrets get revealed.