Dragon Ball Super is the ongoing series that has kept the fandom alive with the upcoming 2024 sub-series, Dragon Ball Daima. The anime’s initial announcement caught audiences quite by surprise since it is an original side story rather than an adaption of Dragon Ball Super content. Much about Dragon Ball Daima is quite mysterious, and […]

These Japanese dramas are for those who just want to relax after a long day. These dramas will comfort you and help you get through your day. 1. Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo In this drama, we follow Kotoko Aihara, a brilliant and cheerful high school student. She is a bright young woman and is […]

Parting between two characters is a very sweet sorrow. Especially in anime, reuniting can turn out to be even more sadder. Sometimes the main characters are seperated, and the audience become emotional when they finally find their way towards each other again. Sometimes, it is a bittersweet reunion that occurs following an unfortunate event or […]

Why would someone kill one’s parents in revenge, manipulation, or hatred? The answer to this question, if looked to its root, could vary from person to person, but reason doesn’t cover up its heinousness. People claim blood relations are the strongest, which has been proven in many instances. No parent wants to meet their end […]

Today, in the world of entertainment, Korean Pop has captivated numerous hearts all over the world. With the rise in international fans of K-pop, the K-pop industry has opened itself up to new challenges and innovations and has produced amazing music and entertaining content. Top K-pop groups like BTS, EXO, Girls Generation and Seventeen have […]

Japanese movies are perfect blend of mysterious settings, romantic scenes, crunching dialogues and amazing and super talented actors and actresses. They make the films more exciting and top-notch. So, if you are ready to have some roller coaster rides and want to watch movies that will keep you on edge. Below are the top 10 […]

Let’s dive deep into the mind blowing success of K-Pop groups and solo artists during their tours. Get to know which groups and solo artists have rocked the stage and made big bucks. Its mind blowing to see how much love and support they receive from fans all around the world! Given below are top […]

Horror is a vast genre and can cover various topics. People are afraid of endless things and thus horror can cover many things starting from the supernatural to aliens and even horrific human beings. In this list, we discuss some K-dramas that will send a shiver down your spine. 1. Sweet Home This drama revolves […]

Korean dramas known as K-Dramas and Chinese dramas known as C-Dramas are becoming hugely popular worldwide. What makes these dramas so popular compared to other drama industries is not only their exceptional storylines, but also their rich cultural traditions  showcased in the dramas such as their food, clothes, characters, rituals, traditions and language. These dramas […]

Korean pop, popularly known as K-pop, is a world filled with glitz, glamour, and talent. The K-pop idols go through months and years of training to achieve their ultimate goal of debuting and becoming famous. During their training years, they not only train on their vocals and dance routines but also train to become physically […]