Article: Horror-Themed Korean Dramas

Horror is a vast genre and can cover various topics. People are afraid of endless things and thus horror can cover many things starting from the supernatural to aliens and even horrific human beings. In this list, we discuss some K-dramas that will send a shiver down your spine.

1. Sweet Home

This drama revolves around the life of a young man named Cha Hyun-Su. Hyun-Sa is an ordinary high school student; however, he is very introverted and does not like socializing with people. He rarely talks to his parents or his sister. One day, his family passed away from a car accident. This leaves Cha Hyun alone to fend for himself. Currently, a mysterious phenomenon occurs where humans are turning into monsters. Cha Hyun as well as the other residents of the apartment complex are forced to fight against these monsters and protect themselves.

2. Kingdom

This series is fascinating as it can be characterized as a historical fantasy mixed with horror. This series revolves around the life of a Prince named Lee Chang. Queen Jo and the Chief State Councillor proclaimed that the King had died. Everyone was forbidden from seeing the King, including Lee Chang. Lee Chang happens to see a shadowy creature wandering around the palace. Sensing something is wrong Lee Chang visits the King’s physician Lee Seung-Hui. However, it is soon discovered that the physician’s clinic is in shambles, and only one person has survived. Seo-Bi is the only person who can survive. She explains to Lee Chang that the dead will soon rise and kill everyone.

3. All Of Us Are Dead

This drama revolves around a virus outbreak in a Korean High School called Hyosan High School. The students who have been infected will turn into violent cannibals. The students in the high school struggle to find a way to save themselves and their friends. The Korean military also gets involved as they try to isolate the school and protect the rest of the country from the virus.

4. Happiness

This series follows the lives of the residents of a high-rise apartment complex. It follows the lives of Yoon Sae-Boom and Jung Yi-Hyun. Yoon Sae-Boom is an officer who is a part of a special police squad. Jung Yi-Hyun is a detective who has known Yoon since high school. He has romantic feelings for Yoon. Jung Yi-Hyun and Yoon move into the high-rise apartment complex. However, their lives were turned upside down when a mysterious infection occurs in the complex.

5. Strangers From Hell

Monsters come in all shapes, and sizes and sometimes these monsters can take the shape of your neighbours. This drama revolves around the life of a sweet young man named Yoon Jong-Woo. Due to his job, Yoon must move to Seoul. Jong does not have much money and thus decides to rent a cheap apartment in Seoul and this apartment has several creepy residents. Yoon must share the kitchen and bathroom with these residents. Jong-Woo's life starts to spiral as he gets involved with these unusual residents.

6. The Guest

This drama revolves around the lives of Yoon Hwa-Pyung, Choi Yoon, and Kang Kil- Young. Yoon Hwa-Pyung is a self-proclaimed psychic; he has the power to expel evil spirits. He helps people who are possessed by these evil spirits and exorcises them. Choi Yoon is a Catholic priest. He is not a social person and is known for his icy personality. Kang Kil-Young is an ordinary detective who is forced to team up with Choi Yoon and Yoon Hwa-Pyung.

7. The Cursed

This series follows the Jin-Hee a passionate reporter trying to uncover the truth behind a famous South Korean IT company named Forest. The chairman of the company is a believer in shamanism and is affiliated with a peculiar spiritual company. The head of the spiritual company is named Jin Kyung. While investigating, Jin-Hee meets a strange person named So-Jin who claims to be possessed.

8. Soul

This drama revolves around the ghost who was murdered, and the ghost is now seeking revenge on the devil by possessing the body of a young girl named Yun Ha- Na. A criminal psychologist named Shin Ryu gets involved in this revenge plot. This takes place among young high school students who are preparing to take their university entrance exam.

9. Somebody

The horror found in this series is different from that of these other series. In this series, we follow Kim Sum, an app developer. She has developed a unique app called Somebody. She has two close friends named Im Mok-Won and Yeong Gi-Eun. Yeong is a detective. The app gets involved in a murder case that Yeong Gi-Eun is investigating. A mysterious man named Seong Yun-O appears and tries to befriend Kim.

10. The Master’s Sun

This series follows the lives of Kong-Sil and Joong-Won. After an accident, Kong-Sil gains the unique ability to see ghosts. She can see the ghosts that constantly surround her, which terrifies her. Due to her ability, she cannot live an ordinary life. She lives in a room at an inn. To earn money, she works at the inn. Joong-Wol is an arrogant and materialistic man who runs a luxury shopping mall named Kingdom. He does not believe in ghosts or apparitions. Somehow, Joong-Wol gets involved with Kong-Sil.