Article: Top Ten Differences Between K-Dramas And C-Dramas

Korean dramas known as K-Dramas and Chinese dramas known as C-Dramas are becoming hugely popular worldwide. What makes these dramas so popular compared to other drama industries is not only their exceptional storylines, but also their rich cultural traditions  showcased in the dramas such as their food, clothes, characters, rituals, traditions and language. These dramas serve as an escape from reality, transporting viewers from the real world to a whole new fantasy world of their own. But what are the differences between these two very different countries dramas? Here are the top 10 differences between Korean dramas and Chinese dramas.

1. Korean Dramas Have Better And Predictable Storyline As Compared To Chinese Dramas

Korean dramas are way ahead of Chinese dramas when it comes to storyline and predictable plots. On the other hand, Chinese dramas are less predictable and usually have sad endings.

2. How Are Female Characters Portrayed In Both Of These Dramas

Women are often described as strong, independent and ambitious in Chinese historical dramas but that is not what we see in modern Chinese dramas. Women in modern Chinese dramas are often portrayed as weak, soft, clumsy or dependent on someone for their survival. Korean women however are described as the opposite. They are strong, ambitious, self-dependent, bold and driven. Even in some Korean historical dramas we can see women showcased with these qualities but they were not allowed by society to be independent and to achieve something in their lives on their own.

3. Duration

Korean dramas on average are shorter than Chinese dramas. Chinese dramas typically have about 40-70 episodes with each episode lasting approximately 45-50minutes. In contrast, Korean dramas usually have only about 15-16 episodes but they tend to drag out their stories with each episode lasting approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

4. Varieties

Korean dramas are more likely to be predictable. The story, while amazing, is repetitive and follows the same cycle of plots and characters. In most K-dramas, you’ll come across the same plots and almost identical characters such as the rich high school boy falling in love with a poor girl and their struggle against the world to overcome obstacles in their path to love, ending with a happy ending. However, this is not the case with Chinese dramas. C-dramas are highly unpredictable due to their diverse plots and characters that are not repeated. You won’t be able to predict what will happen in the next scene, making Chinese dramas more interesting to watch compared to Korean dramas.

5. An Essence Of Reality

Korean dramas help viewers escape reality for a while and travel to a fantasy world where a rich CEO falls in love with a poor girl. This may not seem entirely unreal, but it is also not entirely possible. You cannot always find a rich CEO for a poor girl. Korean dramas take us into a beautiful magical world that is not often seen in the real world. In contrast, Chinese dramas are more realistic and reflect the struggles, hassles and hardships that one faces in the real world when building relationships. The realistic element in Chinese dramas is one of the main factors that sets them apart from Korean dramas.

6. Production Difference

Korean dramas are lively. A drama is being filmed at the same time as it airs. If the audience has feedback and dislikes something in the drama, the director and scriptwriter have the power to make necessary changes according to the audience’s wishes. On the other hand, in Chinese drama, the filming production and censorship are completed before the drama is aired. In this case there is no option for the audience to give personal feedback or make any changes according to their own choice.

7. Cinematography

Korean dramas are known for putting a lot of emphasis on visuals, the beauty of the characters, their charisma, their music, OSTs and very famous love triangles. In contrast, Chinese dramas focus more on the development of the characters, their personal growth, achievements and story progression.

8. Where They Come From

Chinese dramas are basically adapted from novels while Korean dramas are written by script writers. Nowadays, Korean dramas are often adapted from popular web toons and anime.

9. K-Drama Has A Bigger Audience

When it comes to a wider audience, Korean dramas have higher viewership compared to Chinese dramas. One reason could be that Korean actors and actresses are more popular than their Chinese counterparts. Another reason could be the involvement of K-pop idols in the K-drama world. K-pop like K-dramas, has a huge fan following and the fact that many K-pop idols are also engaging themselves in the K-drama world is what makes the K-drama universe more and more popular day by day.

10. Language

The language used in Korean dramas is Korean and the language used in Chinese dramas is Chinese specifically the standard Mandarin dialect. However, the number of people learning the Korean language is growing day by day due to the enormous popularity of K-pop and K-dramas.