Article: Top 10 Thai BL Dramas That Will Help With Your Insomnia

The Thai BL series is known worldwide for providing different comfort for people. Nowadays, people love to see themselves engaged in the BL world and watch a lot of series that bring them comfort. With so many series coming and so many already present, it is fun to find what suits one taste and binge-watch it.

1. 2gether

The list has to start with that drama that has attracted people from all over the world into the world of BL. 2gether The series is a story about two boys who meet in school unknowingly and again in college. Sarawat and Tine came across each other in college in a not-so-good situation. However, as the story moves forward, it is shown that Sarawat is always looking for Tine, as Tine is his crush in school.


Another crucial need to mention is the series of SOTUS. If this series hadn’t happened, the BL world might not exist this big. Arthit is the senior and the leader of a hazing group that helps discipline the students in college. Their methods are very out of the world, which makes students hate them. Just like Kongpob, but he always stands up against Arthit.

3. My School President

My School President is a recent hit, and the reason for it is because, after such a long time, a school love story, was shown to the audience. Gun and his friends run a band, Chinzhilla, but the band is not going fine, and the authority is asking them to stop. Tinn becomes the school president and helps the band in providing profit to the school. But the main story is that Tinn has a crush on Gun and wants to get close to him.

4. A Boss And A Babe

A Boss And A Babe tell the story of a cheerful guy, Cher. Cher wants to become a professional expert gamer. But life is hard for him as he has to intern in a company under a boss named Gun, who has very unusual demands that Cher needs to fulfill.

5. Bad Buddy 

Bad Buddy shows the story of Pat and Pran, whose parents hate each other very much. They have been neighbors since their birth, but their parents' history makes them hate each other as well. They have to compete in everything that grows hatred between them very much. Hell loses when Pat and Parn move to college and find out that they are neighbors to each other in the dormitory.

6. Between Us

Between Us is a BL about a Team who is an excellent swimmer and enters the university and joins the swim team. However, due to the past, he can’t do well in the competition. Win is his senior and an excellent swimmer. He finds out about the Team’s problems and tries to help and comfort him. Win also let Team sleep with him as Team can’t sleep because of his nightmare.

7. My Secret Love

My Secret Love is about Kim, the president of the student council. Mek is a troublemaker with his gang posts prank videos. Once the prank goes bad, it deteriorates the image of the university. The principal asked Kim to help with the problem by positing positive content about the university. To do that, Kim and Mek have to act as a couple.

8. My Only 12%

My Only 12% is about two best friends, Cake and Seeiw, who grew up in the same neighborhood and have a close bond. Cake is outgoing and has many friends, whereas Seeiw has a different personality, and is still close to each other. In their childhood, they didn’t realize their connection other than friendship. In university, when Seeiw became popular, feelings changed a lot.

9. Love By Chance 

Love By Chance is the story of Pete, who comes from a wealthy background. He is shy and can’t speak up for himself, which leads to people taking advantage. In college, he meets with Ae, another freshman, in a bicycle accident. Ae helps save Pete from troubles, and it leads to creating a bond between them.

10. By My Favorite

Be My Favorite is a fantasy BL about Kawi, who was unsuccessful in expressing his love in college, and after ten years, he is attending his crush's wedding. Ten years back, he brought a showpiece to give her but was unsuccessful, but he wants to give her now. When he turns that piece, he finds himself ten years back in university and meets again with his crush and Piseang, whom he hates.