Article: Ten Korean Actresses Who Have Non-Celebrity Husbands

We know many Korean actresses who have married their co-stars. But there are many others who have married people who are away from the life of glamour. These actresses have protected their husbands’ privacy and have not revealed much about them. Here is a list of such couples.

1. Jun Ji Hyun 

Jun Ji Hyun has a love story similar to k-dramas. She met her husband for the first time when they were school kids. Later, they started dating each other and are now married. The couple have two sons and don’t care about rumours surrounding them.


2. Jang Na Ra 

Jang Na Ra recently got married and this was a surprise to many. There had been no news about her dating anyone. It was later revealed that they were dating for two years before their marriage. Reports say that she met him while shooting her drama ‘VIP.’


3. Lee Yu Ri 

Lee Yu Ri met her husband during bible studies. Her husband is a theologist. She has been married for about twelve years now. She has revealed few details about her husband on reality shows but the couple likes to keep their life private.


4. Lee Si Young 

Lee Si Young met her husband through a friend. Fans say that her husband is an Entrepreneur. Lee Si Young has revealed in many instances that her husband is very soft natured and is quiet. They have a son together.


5. Ko Sung Hee 

Ko Sung Hee sudden announcement of marriage has surprised fans. Not much is known about her husband, as she has kept it a secret. Ko Sung Hee was never involved in any dating rumours, which shows she doesn’t like revealing much about her private life.


6. Lee Ha Nee 

Lee Ha Nee got married to her boyfriend and they now have a daughter. She announced her marriage within months after her dating news was revealed. News reports have revealed that her husband is a Korean-American. They had a very private marriage.


7. Hwang Jung Eum

Hwang Jung Eum’s husband is a pro-golfer. But not much is known about him. They met through a mutual friend. They have two children. The couple had applied for divorce recently but they later settled their differences. They are leading a happy life together again.


8. Ko Won-Hee

According to one of the reports, Go Won Hee’s husband is the chairman of a company. Few of her celebrity friends attended the wedding. She recently shared a message thanking everyone who blessed them and revealed that she is looking forward to her married life.


9. Kim Hee Sun

Kim Hee Sun’s husband belongs to one of the rich families in Korea. They met each other at a party. They are the parents of a daughter. Kim Hee Sun married when she was very popular and also took some time off acting to concentrate on her family.


10. Kim Hee Ae 

Kim Hee Ae married an Entrepreneur. She continued to act in many dramas and still leads popular dramas. They have two teenage sons. She has revealed that her family does not interfere in her career and do not even watch her dramas. She finds this thoughtful.