Article: Top 10 Chinese Stars And Their Hobbies

1. Dilraba Dilmurat

One of China’s most famous actresses of this generation, Dilraba Dilmurat, with her remarkable beauty and tremendous acting skills, has stolen the hearts of hundreds. The actress has gained immense popularity over the years, and some of her notable works are Pretty Li Huizhen, The King’s Woman, and Eternal Love of Dream.

The star likes dancing and singing, and her songs are available on the web.


2. Wang Yibo

Next on our list is one of China’s sensational actors Wang Yibo. Wang received international recognition for his role in the Chinese period drama, The Untamed, but is also an exceptional dancer and a great human being. Wang’s hard work and dedication over the years have uplifted his career and made him a top-notch star. In his spare time, he goes for a ride on his motorcycle.


3. Zanilia Zhao 

The beautiful actress Zanilia Zhao has had a flourishing acting career over the years. The actress won hearts from her roles in Legend of Lu Zhen, Boss & Me, Princess Agents, etc. Her passion for acting and her professionalism has made her one of the best actresses of this generation.

Zhao likes to watch horror movies, and she likes to play video games, billiards in her free time.


4. Jackson Wang

One of the most established Chinese k-pop idols is Jackson Wang. He rose to worldwide stardom after joining the popular Korean boy band Got7. With his impressive rapping and dancing skills encompassed with great visuals and top-tier style, the star has received tremendous love and has a huge fandom.

Some of his hobbies are dancing, rapping, and beatboxing. In his free time, Jackson loves to play basketball or go for a swim. He has an interest in traveling as well.


5. Li Xian

Have you watched Go Go Squid? If so, there is no doubt that you have fallen for the shy gaming genius Han Shangyan portrayed by the handsome actor Li Xian. Popularly known as ‘July Boyfriend’, this man never ceases to amaze the viewers with his down-to-earth personality and ingenuity in acting.

He loves underwater diving and swimming and is also a traveling and photography enthusiast.


6. Hu Yitian

Who doesn’t know Hu Yitian? Every C-drama lover would have watched ‘A Love So Beautiful’ starring Hu Yitian and Shen Yue or have the drama in their watchlist. The talented actor with his shy smiles, tall lanky figure, plus mysterious vibe gives you your dream prince charming. The actor enjoys online shopping and playing basketball in his free time. And also loves cooking and has a talent for crafting. How can a man be so perfect?


7. Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei, the Chinese actress who gained worldwide fame with the titular role in 2020 released ‘Mulan.’  She is known as ‘fairy sister’ in her home country for her innocent, ethereal looks.

She enjoys her time by connecting with her fans. Some of her hobbies include singing and collecting Swarovski crystals.


8. Xu Kai

One of China’s leading actors, Xu Kai, with his emanating aura and charisma, has caught the viewers’ attention. His mesmerizing eyes compliment his looks that steal the hearts of the ladies. Xu got his breakthrough role in the 2018 historical drama “Story of Yanxi Palace.”

His hobbies are reading, watching movies, bike riding, and basketball. Xu likes to travel to the beach during his leisure time.


9. Lin Yi

Next is China's emerging star Lin Yi, who, with his sweet and endearing character depiction of Gu Wei Yi in Put Your Head on My Shoulder, has won the hearts of many. The actor gives you the boy-next-door vibes with his playful and easy-going persona.

His hobbies include swimming, reading comic books, and grooving to the music.


10. Dylan Wang

Next on our list is Dylan Wang, the Chinese actor, and model who rose to fame with the popular television series Meteor Garden (2018). The actor, with his attractive looks and incredible acting skills, has become a Chinese heartthrob.

His hobbies include listening to music, playing basketball, working out, and traveling.