Article: Top 10 Best Live Performances By K-Pop Artists In 2022


K pop tours of the most popular and hottest groups are being announced for the North American leg in 2022. Coachella is an iconic music festival that has been gifted with more Kpop acts this year which is perfect for international fans. The stadiums and tours are all sold out in minutes and the groups perform in awards shows where they win too. New groups are emerging and some underrated groups like debuting artists are also given the spotlight. These famous emerging groups are also reaching TV shows and National television in other countries like North America, Japan, and other countries in Asia.

1. BTS

The boys performed in a four-day event "Permission to Dance ON STAGE” in Las Vegas. On the last day of the show they performed 20 songs like FIRE, ON, DOPE, DNA, Black Swan, Blood Sweat and Tears, Butter, Idol, and in the grand finale they chose ANPANMAN and Go Go. They also arranged ‘LIVE PLAY in Las Vegas’ at MGM GRAND GARDEN ARENA such as BTS photo card random box and BTS photo studio.


2. Jeon Somi

She has attended the first award show since he left I.O.I. The GDA show was held at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul, Korea. She took the Best Performance Award but she got real attention for her looks in her performance of 'Dumb Dumb' and 'XOXO'. She looks like a real Barbie doll with wavy blonde hair and a graceful stage presence.


3. Aespa

Their stage performance was highly anticipated at the music festival. They performed their English version of the debut track 'Life's Too Short', 'Savage', 'aenergy', 'black mamba', and 'next level'. Their photographs, visuals, and low-quality videos at Coachella went viral among the fans as look like effortless models. Ningning and Karina served looks to her fans with her crochet top and new hairstyle as she looks like a ‘Barbie doll’.


4. 2NE1

CL took over the stage at Coachella in California and even after the group disbanded, they reunited to perform ‘I Am The Best’. 88rising promotes Asian artists in America and they presented a surprise in the ‘Head in The Clouds Forever’ event by incorporating the reunion of the Kpop girl group.


5. Epik High

This became the first Kpop group to be invited back to the Coachella festival to perform. They will perform the closing act of their North American tour in Coachella. To Rolling Stone, they expressed that this is a dream come true. The hip hop band was also the second K-pop act ever on Coachella stage back in 2016.


6. EXO

They will host a debut anniversary fan event which will also stream on Beyond Live. The live concert is on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the band which formed on April 12, 2012. The venue of the concert is Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul. The members claim to work hard to make it fun for the fans and the events expected are special stages, games, interviews, etc.


7. Hyuna And Dawn

A favorite couple of the K-pop industry set fire on the stage with a kiss with thousands watching at the Seoul Music Awards. A smiling Hyuna and Dawn performed perfectly and she also won the Best R&B Hip Hop Award for I’m Not Cool. She is a soloist but also a member of the duo HYUNA&DAWN. The stage was full of energy and her talent combined with her confidence.


8. NCT 127

They perform for the first time on American Television by starring on the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live. The group performed their hit track 'Cherry Bomb' and a new song in the English version of 'Regular' in the sold-out International mini-concert. A member of the band, Johnny, says that the members had grown up and the album is full of their talents and performing strengths with different styles and genres.


9. GOT The Beat

Their debut single ‘Step Back’ has a special stage performance in the MNet M countdown broadcast for the first time. They capture their audience with their well-timed synchronization of members in their powerful performance. The hip-hop track is full of charm and the graceful aura of the K-pop girl group.



The girl group's fourth world tour is based in South Korea and North America. They have two concerts in Japan Tokyo Dome and in February they were on their US tour. The ENCORE World tour was announced in March in California Stadium in Los Angeles. The dates for the US tour are set for Oakland, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles from February to May.