Article: Top 10 Moments Of K-Pop Idols Being Competitive

Few K-pop idols often showcase their competitive spirit in various activities and are known for their competitive nature, and this trait often extends beyond just games. From performances, variety shows, sports, or even casual moments with their fellow members or friends, these idols display competitive energy and determination to win in virtually everything they do.  The competitive nature among K-pop idols adds an exciting dimension to their personalities, endearing them to fans who watch them. The idol's competitiveness often shines through in their appearances on shows, where they eagerly participate in various games and activities or spend time with their members. Their energy, enthusiasm, and playfulness create an engaging and entertaining atmosphere, making fans enjoy the competitive spirit they bring to the table.

1. Choi Minho

Shinee's Minho is known for his captivating visuals and rapping. He is also often recognized as one of the most competitive idols in K-pop. Minho is known to get competitive over the silliest games and loves to compete in everything possible. During the Idol Star Athletics Championships, Minho shocks everyone by participating in most events and even winning. Ever competitive, he won gold medals in 50m hurdles, swimming, and even high jump, beating almost all other participants. In the men's sports, Minho won every sport except the 50m run, retaining his title as one of the most competitive idols in K-pop.

2. Seventeen

In the "GOING SEVENTEEN" Camping episode, the idols played a telepathy game where members had to write an answer after hearing a word and communicate telepathically to answer the same. When randomly told to reveal, all the chosen members had to have the same answer. So, the competitive members did not want to lose and tried to cheat as Jeonghan went around to each member and whispered the word they were supposed to write regardless of the question. They all whispered the answers, knowing the staff would later hear it because they were too competitive to lose.

3. Jungkook

In another Run BTS episode, the members play various games, and try to break each other's records at a basketball machine. When RM sets the highest score, Jungkook tries to break his record by getting on the basketball machine and tossing the same ball in and out of the basketball net to beat the previous high score. He sets a new record while all members laugh over his competitiveness.

4. Park Chanyeol

Chanyeol of EXO is also known for being competitive with everything. But one moment that beats everything is when he attends the annual SM Halloween party in an Ironman suit that costs around $17000 to win a prize and win the best costume at the party. When he was supposed to attend the next SM Halloween party in a Deadpool costume that did not arrive, being competitive, he did not go to the party and wore it on his birthday celebrations, where he sliced his cake like Deadpool.

5. Seventeen

In their Going Seventeen episode "The CHASER 2" the members play a mafia game, and the winner gets a cash prize. The mafia members The8, DK, and Wonwoo work hard to win, but in the end, The8 gets caught by the members. Since he is too competitive to lose, he reveals DK as the other mafia, who exposes Wonwoo as the last mafia to save himself. Since the three want to win, they argue about who the others should eliminate as the other members laugh at the mafia's betrayal of each other due to their competitiveness.

6. NCT Jaehyun

During their show, NCT LIFE in Gapyeong, the members of NCT 127 play a game of tug of war, which escalates into the funniest game because of how competitive Jaehyun becomes. During the tug-of-war game, Jaehyun and Jungwoo were on opposing teams, setting the stage for a playful rivalry, and Jaehyun is determined to win the game. The game becomes funny because as Jaehyun tugs the rope towards him, due to his strength Jungwoo gets pulled and flails in the water, setting off a humorous tone to the game at Jaehyun's competitiveness.

7. Park Chanyeol

During the second season of their show EXO's Ladder, EXO members played a game where they would play the ladder game to get a specific amount of food. Since D.O. wins the game, the members try to charm him by making him laugh to get more food. As he sees his members trying their best to make D.O. laugh, Chanyeol becomes too competitive for food and drinks a whole bottle of water in 3 seconds.

8. Ateez

Ateez are known as a group of competitive idols and usually do anything to win. The best moment of their competitiveness was when they were banned from playing the Mafia game in their dorms due to their competitive natures, as they would resort to anything to win.

9. Jungkook

In an episode of Run BTS, members were given individual missions, which they had to finish with the help of other members. Unaware that Jin is a spy who has to photobomb pictures, Jungkook takes most of his photos with Jin. Jungkook proudly announces that he has the most points but then has to deduct some due to Jin appearing in them. When he realizes he lost, Jungkook starts destroying his picture collage and rages over losing.

10. Johnny

During an episode of the show NCT World 2.0, all the members of NCT divide into teams and play various games. During the arm-wrestling game, the competitive members try to win against the strongest, Johnny. Johnny is too powerful and competitive to lose and defeats most of them. He only gives up when Sungchan catches him off guard once he is tired and wins.