Article: Top 10 Sport Korean Dramas Involving To Inspire Your Competitive Spirit

Sports Korean dramas have never received enough attention. But if you're seeking motivational stories, you'll find many of them here. It's simple to find personalities in the thrilling and demanding world of athletics that you will fall in love with after witnessing them overcome the challenges. Here is a list of the Top 10 Sport Korean Dramas Involving to Inspire Your Competitive Spirit.

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

The story portrays Bok Joo's career as an athlete. She puts a lot of effort into pursuing her dream, working out, eating a large amount of delicious food, and hanging out with her friends. It's adorable to see Bok Joo and Joon Hyung's love story as they both are athletes. They make an effort to find a balance between their relationship and the responsibilities of being athletes.

2. Fight For My Way

Despite missing the proper upbringing, it portrays the story of four characters who all struggle to pursue their dreams. Ko Dong Man has always wished to compete in taekwondo but works as a contract employee. Choi Ae Ra wants to be an anchor but works at a department store's information desk. Kim Joo man and Baek Seol Hee, two friends who have been dating for six years, now join them to face a new challenge.

3. Twenty-Five, Twenty One

Baek Yi Jin, a university student whose family was affected by the national financial crisis, was forced to leave college. He experiences severe financial difficulties. He meets Na Hee Do, determined to fulfill her ambition of competing at the national level in fencing.  She has an irresistible passion for this sport, which even encourages Baek Yi Jin to achieve something in his life.

4. Sassy Go Go 

Kang Yeon Doo is the leader of Real King. A street dancing group made up of kids with poor academic records. On the other hand, Kim Yeol, the leader of a select group of students from the top 5% of the school. Despite all of their mishaps, the two clubs merge when they get forced to form a cheerleading team and develop a strong relationship.

5. Love All Play

Due to his parents company selling badminton equipment, Park Tae Joon gets bound to enter the badminton world. The need to win a woman's love brings back his passion for badminton, despite the reality that he had started to consider the sport as work. Former Olympic candidate Park Tae Yang gets compelled to leave the badminton game for three years for a corruption scandal.

6. Short

Son Seung Tae's talent quickly promoted him to the top of his sport, and he later took a position as a coach at Kangbaek University. He meets Kang Ho Young, a prodigy known as the "King of Short Track Speed Skating," who also came from a famous family with a history in sports. Their same ambition helps them to create a particular friendship, but things become complicated when they learn they are both in love with the same girl.

7. Hot Stove League 

Baek Seung Soo gets appointed general manager of the baseball team Dreams. After losing for two years in a row, he gets charged with helping the club grow better and ready for the upcoming season. The drama follows his character and the squad as they attempt to confront issues, such as a lack of financing and internal conflicts among the management, players, and coaches.

8. Run On

The national sprinting team's Ki Sun Gyeom gets forced to quit due to legal problems. Oh Mi Joo writes movie subtitles in several languages. Ki Sun Gyeom had just stopped playing. Seo Dan Ah is a CEO of a sports agency, Seomyung Group. Despite this, she gets stopped rising in the company because of her gender. She soon meets Lee Young Hwa, a university art major who likes to watch movies and draw.

9. Prison Playbook

Famous baseball player Je Hyuk attacks a man who is assaulting his younger sister. He receives a prison sentence despite what the other man did, and the show follows him there and the people he meets. Jung Kyung Ho is a friend since he and Je Hyuk work at the same prison where Je Hyuk gets kept.

10. Racket Boys

Yoon Hyun Jong decides to move to the village to take over the coaching duties of a middle school team about to break. He urges his son Yoon Hae Kang to join so they can enter the tournament due to only three members on the team. The group aims to reach new heights and beat its opponents with enough plays to enter games.