Chinese movies have been famous for their action crime genre for decades. Chinese have mastered the action crime genre. With action packed scenes to heart-wrenching crime story of the antagonist stuck between the right and loyalty, these movies have it all. Plot filled with suspense, and the stand out point being the action sequence of […]

One of the best measures of an idol’s presence and impact in an industry is popularity. There are various sites, like Naver, through which we can find and measure an idol’s popularity, and are quite accurate. K-pop idols have been gaining more popularity worldwide. Here are some of the most searched 5th Gen Male idols […]

Shine, there are many modern anime about love, and some classic anime still endure with audiences both old and new. These characters are the biggest jewel in a classic anime’s crown. Many anime fans can state their first crushes back to these fantastic female anime characters from the nostalgic series. Classic anime are understandably criticized […]

The Korean wave began spreading its wings in the mid-2000s beyond East Asia, but these last few years are considered the golden era of K-dramas through platforms like Apple TV, Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix. They offer an extensive array of original and classic productions that appeal to different demographics. Many of these dramas broke records […]

Nittha Khuhapremkit, formerly known as Mew or Nittha Jirayungyurn, is a Thai model, Youtuber, and actress under Channel 3. She was born on 21st September 1990. She starred in One Day, her first movie in 2016 with Chantavit Dhanasevi. Her first drama is Khun Chai Pawornruj. She graduated with a major in Fashion Design. In […]

When it comes to Chinese drama, they are not only based on the romance genre but also try to focus on other genres like suspense and thriller. Be it payback, redemption, and that oh-so-satisfying ending that leaves all feeling both moved and gratified. If this is what you are looking to watch, this is the […]

My Name is an incredible K-drama. It has a spectacular cast, and a great script and along with action-packed sequences, we get to see several heart-felt moments between the various characters. From the very first episode, the audience is hooked, and the intrigue is maintained till the last episode. If you enjoyed watching My Name, […]

The high standard among the audience for getting a real-life partner can be blamed upon the fictional boyfriend in the BL series. The BL boyfriends are perfect as they can do anything for their lover. Listed are some of the BL dramas boyfriends one wishes to have. 1. “Prapai” Of Love In The Air On […]

With the growing popularity of Korean drama, more and more online streaming sites want to get their hands on the hottest drama. As we all know, the Hallyu, or the Korean wave, has a significant influence worldwide, and so does Korean drama. South Korean drama has a wide range of content and genres in drama. […]

Everyone knows that Chinese dramas are full of romance and mandatory height differences between the leads. Having amazing chemistry with the cutest height difference makes the whale plot of the drama more intriguing and beautiful for the audience. 1. Professional Single  Professional Single describes the story of two art students, Qin Shen and Yuan Qian. […]