Article: Top 10 BL Dramas Boyfriends One Wish To Have

The high standard among the audience for getting a real-life partner can be blamed upon the fictional boyfriend in the BL series. The BL boyfriends are perfect as they can do anything for their lover. Listed are some of the BL dramas boyfriends one wishes to have.

1. “Prapai” Of Love In The Air

On the top of the position, it had to be Prapai from Love In The Air. He is everything wealthy, sassy, and lovable, and his smile, everything about him, screams perfection. He was a playboy until he met Sky and decided he wanted Sky and would do anything to have him. He doesn’t force Sky to be with him but slowly starts to capture his heart.

2. “Nubsib” Of Lovely Writer 

Nubsib from Lovely Writer comes second on the list. He has a troubled childhood until he meets Gene, an older neighbor kid who helps him overcome it. They get separated, but Nubsib never forgets Gene, and when he gets the chance, he comes back to Gene. In the series, first, it is shown how Gene cares for Nubsib in childhood, and now it is Nubsib who takes care of Gene.

3. “Shin Ki Tae” Of Our Dating Sim

Shin Ki Tae waited seven years for his best friend, his first love, Lee Wan, to come back. After seven years, he didn’t expect to reunite and will ever enjoy life with Lee Wan again. Our Dating Sim series is beautiful, and how Shin Ki Tae is making up for things that both didn’t get to enjoy for seven years is stunning to watch.

4. “Ida” Of My Love Mix Up!

Ida is the best boyfriend from the series My Love Mix Up. It is a series that shows people that fate is genuine. With a misunderstanding, Aoki lies that he has a crush on Ida. Aoki expected Ida to reject him. Ida did not deny him, but he says it might work if they give it a chance. What a green flag. The audience fell in love with him.

5. “Khabkluen” Of Star In My Mind

Khabkluen of Star In My Mind also joins the list of boyfriends we wish we had. It is more like Diao falls first, but Khab Kluen falls harder. When Diao confessed he liked Khabkluen but got rejected, the reasons were later revealed that Diao was going abroad for his studies, and  Kluen didn’t want to tie him down. Later in the series, with every shot of them, Khabkluen is whipped by his boyfriend.

6. “Jo Tae Sung” Of Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Jo Tae Sung of famous Korean BL Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a tall, dashing boyfriend who falls in love with his small and cute boyfriend. Jo Tae Sung confesses and guarantees it will work if they are together with his boyfriend. Till the end, they shared an incredible bond, and Jo Tae Sung was the best boyfriend.

7. “King” Of Bed Friend 

King of Bed Friend who changed himself for Uea. King was a playboy and flirty type of person that his boyfriend hated. Until he fell in love with Uea, and since Uea has a traumatic past, King kept his distance, and by taking small steps together, their love won in the end.

8. “Lian” Of Cutie Pie

Lian of Cutie Pie was given the responsibility of marrying and taking care of Kuea by the elders. But when Kue announces to break the engagement, the sudden realization to Lian leaves him shocked. After falling in love and understanding Kuea, Lian became the perfect boyfriend that Kuea always dreamed about.

9. “Kamol” Of Unforgotten Night 

Kamol of Unforgotten Night was not what everyone expected him to be. Since he was a mafia, everyone expected him to be aggressive. But he was the opposite. He wanted Kim but still respected Kim’s boundaries. He was sweet and even gave full respect to his employees. The audience falls in love with his nature.

10. “Tinn” Of My School President 

The list would be incomplete without Tinn of My School President. Tinn became the school's president just to save his crush from trouble. He didn’t dare to ask Gun out, but still, from afar, he protected Gun and helped in many ways.