Article: 10 Beautiful Antagonists Of Thai Entertainment Industry

Be it any movie or drama, the Hero is also appreciated for their acting skills and how they always defeat the villain. But what we don’t see in terms of acting is that villains are no less than a hero. Performing a role of a villain is not easy, but still, these actors and actresses act relatively phenomenally and go down as bad guys in history. These actors and actresses must get into the character by practicing day and night to give the perfect shot. Even though these villains are hated on the big screen, in reality they are loved by people for their acting skills and how they portray them. The top ten Thai celebrities who ace their roles as villains are.

1. Chompoo Araya

Araya Alberta Hargate, known as Chompoo, is a Thai-British-Lao actress, host, cover girl, model, and  TV personality born to a British father and a Thai-Lao mother. At that age, she got her first acting role in Pleng Prai lakorn in 1998. She has always played the part of the sweet and bubbly character in many of her dramas.She played the role of villain in the drama Dok Som See Thong in 2011, many of her fans were shocked. Fans loved this new side of the character and appreciated her acting skills as a villain.

2. Toey Pongsakorn

Toey Pongsakorn Mettarikanon is a Thai actor. He began his career as a contestant in The Idol Project 2, winning the title of Top of The Idol. His debut in acting was in the popular lakorn Thai Gentlemen series. Soon he got the leading role in Bang Rajun. He played the role of villain in the Thai drama Plerng Prang Tia. It was his first time playing this kind of character, and he got excellent feedback from the audience.

3. Bella

Ranee Campen, known as Bella, is a Thai-British actress and model. She began her career as a model in advertisements. In 2011 she signed a contract with Thailand’s Channel 3. In 2013 she got her first leading role in the drama Porn Prom Onlaweng. She played the role of villain in the 2011 drama Roy Marn, and even though it was a long time ago, she still gets appreciated for her acting.

4. Mint Chalida

Chalida Vijitcongthong, known as Mint, is a model, businesswoman, and actor born to a Thai-Chinese father and a Thai-Indian mother. At nine, she entered the entertainment industry by appearing in advertisements. She owns Minito Gelato, an ice cream business. In 2009 she played her role as a villain in the drama Dong Poo Dee. She is loved by her fans for this role as she portrayed this character very well.

5. Cynthia Bishop

Cynthia Carmen Burbridge-Bishop, known as Sirinya Burbridge, is a Thai actress, activist, beauty pageant titleholder, and model. She is well-known for being the judge and host of Asia’s Next Top Model. Her mother, Patricia, is one-quarter Thai and one-quarter Indian, and half English, while her father, William Burbridge, is an American. In the recent drama F4 Thailand, she played the role of an evil mom, acting effortlessly and was immensely appreciated by her fans for her acting. In the upcoming drama Hone School, she is said to be playing the role of a villain.

6. Yui Chiranan

Chiranan Manochaem, known as Yui, is a Thai model, producer, actress, and singer. Since she started acting, she has been in over 20 lakorns. In 2011 she married Thun Thanakorn, an actor, after dating for seven years. Together they have a production company, Star Fame. In mid-2020, she left Thai Channel 7. In her dramas, she plays the role of being well-mannered and sweet.  She tried to get out of her comfort zone and, in 2008, played the role of villain in the drama Nang Tard. Fans right away fell in love with her acting.

7. Yaya Urassaya

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund is a half-Thai and Norwegian actress. In 2008 she entered the industry but didn't gain immense popularity until 2010, creating a name in Duang Jai Akkanee. She still is an iconic actress in the Thai industry. She has played various roles in her career, but one of her roles as a villain in the 2019 drama Klin Kasalong made her fans appreciate this side of her too. She is loved for her role as a villain.

8. Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit

Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit, known as Ann, is a Thai actress who has been acting since 1989. She is half-Thai and half-American. She is currently running her own business in the beauty industry. In 2018, she made her debut as a producer and even returned to acting with the drama Sanaeha Maya. She played the role of villain in the drama Man of Vengeance or also called Hua Jai Sila. Her acting was on point, and she was the ultimate villain in the drama.

9. Masu

Masu Junyangdikul, known as Masu, is a Thai model, actor, and DJ. He rose to fame playing supporting roles in shows like Krung Hai Cheun Jai, Kleun Cheewit, and Kor Pen Jaosao Suk. He played the lead role in the series Roi Pa Wai Duay Rak in 2017. He played the role of a villain in the drama Lub Luang Jai; his character is loved and talked about a lot on social media.

10. Jooy Warattaya

Warattaya Nilkuja, known as Jooy, is a Thai model and actress. She was with Channel 7 but now works as a freelance actress. In 2018 she married her fellow actor Push Puttichai Kasetsin. She surprised her fans by appearing as a villain in the drama Samee Tee Tra in 2014. She got a positive response as her fans loved her acting as a villain.