Anime primarily uses youngsters, mainly the teens of middle school or high school, but rarely the kids below it, but when it does, they create the most beautiful anime ever. The children’s anime is mild yet deep and talks from the viewpoint of a naïve kid. The innocence and beauty of such anime are unseen […]

Japanese shows take storytelling to a whole new level, diving into deep and unsettling themes. These series will keep you hooked with their intense storylines, complex characters and thought-provoking themes. So, if you are ready for a ride of rollercoaster of emotions and mind blowing themes, then below are top 10 Japanese dark and twisted […]

Anime doesn’t have a shortage of varying protagonists. These protagonists are not only kind, calm, and energetic but also super adorable. While some protagonists are determined and strong, others are super-cute and seem to light up the world while inspiring those around them almost effortlessly. Cute protagonists are found in any anime, regardless of their […]

All the science lovers assemble! If you love watching science fiction drama, you have come to the right destination. Korean sci-fi dramas are an underrated genre. When we talk about sci-fi content, the first thing that comes to mind is Avengers or other Western dramas or movies. But Korean sci-fi dramas are not out of […]

What could be more exciting and adventurous than biking for youth? A large audience is in love with bikes, especially the teens and young adults who have a strange fascination towards it. It has resulted in the emergence of many biker characters in anime. Fans love to cherish their skills and the way they handle […]

School bullies are a nightmare for every school-going kid because they make your school days so much worse. School is somewhere one should face safety, but the increase in these bossy kids who target the weak just for fun is making it impossible. There’s been a rise in such cases where bullies make someone commit […]

Embarking on a journey into the vibrant realm of Chinese animation, commonly known as Donghua, discloses a treasure trove of captivating narratives and visually stunning storytelling. As the worldwide love for anime grows, Chinese animation has established itself with a varied collection of series, showcasing and exploring rich cultural narratives. This compilation will introduce you […]

K-pop idol hopefuls put hours upon hours of work to have a shot at stardom. Some trainees have been part of management companies for years so that they could have their chance at debuting. More extended training programs ensure that idols are at their best when they debut, but also because of the vast amount […]

The world of K-pop is a glitzy one in the eyes of the viewers. The ostentatious outfits, the glam red carpet events, and the adoration of millions of fans are what most people see what they think of K-pop idols. K-pop idols are the subject of reverence and love by many fans and viewers worldwide. […]

The beauty of J-BL can never be found anywhere else. The warm yet intense scenes led to a calming atmosphere, making the story so beautiful and worth watching that people can’t get enough. The only problem is that J-BL is very small. Listed are J-BL that deserve more episodes. 1. Old Fashion Cupcake  Old Fashion […]