Article: Cutest Anime Protagonist Of All Time

Anime doesn't have a shortage of varying protagonists. These protagonists are not only kind, calm, and energetic but also super adorable. While some protagonists are determined and strong, others are super-cute and seem to light up the world while inspiring those around them almost effortlessly. Cute protagonists are found in any anime, regardless of their genre. They are typically easygoing and friendly, being everyone’s friend. Many have a clumsy or awkward side, which only adds to their overall cuteness.

1. Izuku Midoriya- My Hero Academia

At the beginning of the anime, Izuku is a Quirkless kid whose dream is to become a hero. After gaining a newfound power and confidence from All Might, he has a long way to go before he becomes the powerful hero he is meant to become. He is easily overwhelmed by his emotions and openly expresses them, even if it means crying in front of his friends. This is cute compared to most of the male Shonen protagonists.

2. Haruhi Fujioka- Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka is one of those protagonists who carry around an air of cuteness without even trying. Her true charm lies in her personality. Even when she is talking to guests about her past, it doesn't take long for them to become smitten by her instantly. She has a captivating and nurturing personality that draws others to her, even when she doesn't realize it herself.

3. Sakura Minamoto- Zombieland Saga

The SAGA prefecture is cursed within the Zombieland Saga universe. This curse attempts to erase the city. The members of Franchouchou led by Sakura, were all talented while they were still alive, it draws attention to Saga and helps keep their town on the map. She is talented, creative, and academically gifted but is plagued by mysterious injuries and illness. She is always chasing her dreams and is motivated by the support of her friends.

4. Usagi Tsukino- Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino becomes a capable and confident leader, but she is a far cry from being a role model when the series begins. She would prefer to be a daydreamer, play video games, or go shopping rather than complete her schoolwork or duties as her sailor guardian. She is a self-proclaimed crybaby and clutz, and these traits only make her more endearing. She is a friendly and open person who can break down barriers of any person.

5. Madoka Kaname- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka suffers from serious self-esteem issues. She tells Kyubey early that she is an unremarkable, plain girl without any exceptional talents. She tries to reject the red ribbons from her mother by claiming that they are too flashy for someone like her. Everyone around her can see how cute she is, not only in her appearance but also in how she handles her relationships. She is not afraid to dish out praises from people she meets but quickly becomes flustered when it is reciprocated.

6. Yuuki Cross- Vampire Knight

The Vampire Knight world is dark, filled with vampires who prey on helpers and civilians roaming the streets. Yuuki is determined to become a positive connection between the vampire realms and the humans. Despite being attacked by a vampire herself and all the mystery surrounding her past, she remains optimistic and upbeat. She is easily flustered around Kaname, her crush and spaces out at times which adds to her charm.

7. Atsuko Kagari- Little Witch Academia

Atsuko has always been captivated by magic and witches, ever since she as a young girl saw one of Shiny Chariot’s shows. She wants nothing more than to be a witch herself and believes that magic and witches are meant to bring smiles to people's faces. She is one of the most pure motivations of any protagonist that draws viewers to her. At the start, she struggles, both with her training and also socially.

8. Honoka Kosaka- Love Live! School Idol Project

Honoka Kosaka is a highly energetic girl who never gives up on something once she sets her mind to it, even when no one around her believes in it. Her passion and persistence are undeniable, and she wins the hearts of others in the end, even if it takes a while.

9. Gon Freecss- Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss, at just 12-year-old, becomes one of the world’s youngest Hunters. He left Whale Island, his hometown, to find Gin Freecss, his father, who is a famous Hunter. He has impressive natural abilities like a keen sense of steel, incredible strength, and quick reflexes. His impulsive nature gets him into trouble, but that doesn’t take his cuteness away from him. He is kind, charming, and sweet. His smile always melts the viewer's heart.

10. Tohru Honda- Fruits Basket

At the start, Tohru is in a much more grim situation than she lets on. She is optimistic and bubbly on the surface, when in reality, she is an orphan who is living alone in a small tent in the woods after she lost her mother. Despite dancing so much hardship and tragedy, she remains optimistic, carrying her mother's memories.