Article: Top Ten Japanese Celebrities Who Showed The Dark Side Of The Glamour World

The glamour industry is not so glittery and magical the way it looks. It can be life-changing for some and can be a traumatic path for some. It has a dark world at the end of it, that only the people of the industry know. No one likes to talk about it, but not being vocal about it doesn't solve the problem. Some celebrities want to quit their career because of the darkness they've experienced in the glamour industry. Let's see some celebs who have exposed the reality of fame and luxury.

1. Maho Yamaguchi

Maho Yamaguchi was a sub-captain of the band group NGT48. On 17th September 1995, she was born in Aomori, Japan. When you are a celebrity, your safety is always at risk, and any safety breach can turn deadly for you in no time. On December 8, 2018, she revealed that two unknown men assaulted her while she was going up to her apartment.


2. Minami Minegishi 

Minami Minegishi is a Japanese idol. She is a member of the band group AKB48. Generally, idols don't have permission to date anyone. Their management company is very strict about it. She had to shave her head (an act of contrition in Japan). She also issued an apology for breaking their group's no dating rule.


3. Nishioka Kengo 

Nishioka Kengo is a Japanese male idol. He is often mistaken for a female because of his girly face and long bangs. On 22 October 1997, he was born in Aichi, Japan. It was reported, that he was raped and assaulted by his agency's high-ranking employee.


4. Mayu Tomita 

Mayu Tomita is a Japanese singer and actress. She was receiving some gifts and letters before the incident from some unknown man. But, she returned him everything. She was also receiving death threats from him for returning gifts. On May 21, 2016, she was stabbed 60 times by that psycho-obsessed fan. Fortunately, she survived the incident.


5. Anne Iriyama 

Anne Iriyama is a Japanese idol. She is a member of the band group AKB48. On May 25, 2014, she was part of the handshake event, where fans get a chance to meet their favorite idol and do a handshake with them. But, in the crowd,  a man attacked her with a saw which left her injured. She was rushed to the hospital immediately. And the culprit was sentenced to six years in prison.


6. Ena Matsuoka

Ena Matsuoka is a Japanese idol. She was attacked outside her home by a crazy guy. He stalked her house through the reflection in her eyes that was visible in one of her photos. He was grabbed and sentenced to 30 months in jail for attacking and assaulting her.


7. Haruma Miura 

Haruma Miura was a successful actor and singer. But, cyberbullying and hate crimes on social media have grown a lot with the advancement of technology. Because of this, celebrities like him have to suffer a lot. On 18 July 2020, he committed suicide, and the note he left revealed that he was suffering from anxiety and depression.


8. Hana Kimura 

Hana Kimura was a professional wrestler in Japan. On May 23, 2020, she committed suicide. She was continuously dealing with online abuse, and some people were also causing trouble to her family. All these things made her feel devastated which ultimately led to her death.


9. Rina Kawaei 

Rina Kawaei is an actress and a singer. She was a part of the band member AKB48. She was attacked by an unknown man with a saw at a fan event. She was heavily injured and was taken to the hospital immediately.


10. Serina Hasegawa 

Serina Hasegawa is a singer in Japan. She is a member of the group Little Glee Monster. The constant pressure on you from the world, the never-ending stress cycle, the endless opinions of people, cyberbullying, etc can seriously affect your mental health. She is one of them, to make her mental state more stable and peaceful, she has temporarily left her group and decided to stay away from the limelight for some time.