Article: Top 10 Thai Celebrities Popular On Social Media

Thailand is one of Southeast Asia's fastest-growing marketplaces for influencer marketing, and Instagram is the country's most popular social media site. The overall audience advertising reach of advertisers on the platform in 2022 is estimated to be 18.5 million, or 26.4 per cent of the whole Thai population. Meanwhile, Thailand has a 4 per cent average Instagram interaction rate, which is much higher than the worldwide average.

1. Rungrada Runglikitjarearn

Inter is a Thai kid model and actress named Rungrada Runglikitjarearn. She went to Assumption College in Thonburi to study. Inter was Thailand's representative on stage in the WCOPA world-class walking competition in the United States. Rungrada is a talented young actress that was born in the year 2012. She has everyone's heart since she has a lovely and innocent face with a bright grin. Her Instagram followers eagerly await updates on her professional and personal life.


2. Gyeon

Gyeon (Seo Ji Yeon) is a South Korean actress, singer, and presenter who is presently based in Thailand. Hunz Isariya Phattharamanop, a Thai artist, is her current boyfriend. Seo Ji-yeon is a Thai actress, singer, model, and presenter who was born in South Korea. She is a popular option among Kbeauty firms operating in Thailand since she symbolises South Korea. She likes to suggest her favourite cosmetic and lifestyle items on her Instagram page.


3. Putthipong Assaratanakul

Putthipong Assaratanakul, better known by his stage name Billkin, is a Thai actor, singer, emcee, and model of Chinese heritage. He enrolled at the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy at Thammasat University in 2018 to study business administration (international programme) with a major in marketing. Putthipong began his career in show business as an actor with Nadao Bangkok. He acted and modelled on the runway. With his performance in 'My Ambulance,' he became well-known (2019). For his work in "I Told Sunset About You," Putthipong got the title of "Best Actor in Online Series" at the prestigious Nataraja Awards 2021 in 2021.


4. Kalamare

Patcharasri "Kalamare" Benjamas began her career as an ugly duckling in the beautiful world of television, but she swiftly ascended to stardom, winning over viewers with her quick wit in front of the camera. She is now not only more gorgeous, but also considerably wealthier. Despite the fact that her contract with TV Channel 3 expired a year ago, the well-known TV personality is back in the spotlight, this time for all the wrong reasons. On social media, Kalamare has been chastised for making incorrect and fraudulent promises regarding her own dietary supplement items.


5. Violette Wautier

Violette Wautier, also known as Vee, is a Thai-Belgian actress and singer. She debuted on season 2 of Thailand's singing programme The Voice in 2013 and has since recorded songs for a number of films and television series. She starred in GTH/GDH productions, receiving the Suphannahong Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Heart Attack (2015) and co-starring in A Gift (2015). (2016). She left Universal Music Thailand after several years to pursue a career as an independent singer, launching her own record label in 2018.


6. Supassara 

Supassara Thanachart (nicknamed Kao) is a Thai female model and actress who first appeared in the film "Luang Ta Mahachon" in 2011. Kao secured a deal with Channel 3 Thailand in 2016 after appearing in O-Negative on the GMM25 channel. Kao is a rising Thai actress who has worked with a number of high-end and luxury companies. Longchamp Paris is one of these brands. She uses her Instagram account to provide product partnerships, beauty advice, and trip vlogs.


7. Baifern 

Baifern Pimchanok is regarded as one of Tbiz's gods due to her stunning beauty. Baifern has been in films like A Little Thing Called Love and Friendzone, which have become worldwide hits. She inspires her fans in the fields of beauty and lifestyle on her Instagram page. She had previously competed in team contests and practised rhythmic gymnastics as a kid. When Pimchanok was in sixth grade, she was approached by a talent scout looking for new child performers at the training ground. He encouraged her to make a commercial for a brand of student shoes, and that was the start of her career in the entertainment sector.


8. Bright 

Bright is a well-known actor, singer, TV personality, and fashion model who is Thai-American and Chinese. After his success in the part of Sarawat in 2gether: The Series, his name is well-known in Thailand and other countries. Bright has over 14.9 million Instagram followers because to his perfect visuals and exceptional fashion style.


9. BamBam 

BamBam (Kunpimook Bhuwakul) is a rapper from the Korean boy band GOT7. He was born and raised in Thailand before moving to Korea to train. With his childhood buddy Lisa of Blackpink, he formed the dance team "We Zaa Cool." Before his debut, he appeared in a few of Thai CFs. In 2007, he took first place in a "Rain Cover Dance" competition in Thailand. In 2010, he came in second place in Thailand's "LG Entertainer" competition. He spent around three and a half years training with JYPEnt. BamBam appeared in the Hong Kong film "Fairy Tale Killer" in 2012.


10. Davika 

Davika is a mixed Thai-Belgian model who began her profession when she was 14 years old. She is currently one of Thailand's most powerful actresses and celebrities. High-end businesses have constantly approached Davika for marketing cooperation. Fashionistas like her Instagram account, and she is praised for her ability to mix and match diverse styles. She made her acting debut in Ngao Kammathep (Cupid's Shadows), a lakorn, and has since appeared in a number of additional dramas. Her flicks Heart Attack with Sunny Suwanmethanon and Suddenly Twenty helped her gain prominence. She is the female lead in Thailand's highest-grossing picture, Pee Mak, which she co-wrote with Mario Maurer.