Article: Top 10 Chinese Drama With 30 Episodes

Chinese dramas have the unique ability to keep the audiences engaged through their elaborate stories, fascinating them throughout 30 attacks. In this list, we will explore the top 10 Chinese series of 30 episodes with various narratives to unfold. These series provide a deep dive into the complex plotlines, character development, and the chance to form lasting connections with the characters. From, genres like historical epics to contemporary romances, these series provide an enriching and captivating experience that keeps the viewers engaged from the beginning to the end. If you are looking for a good and fascinating Chinese series to keep yourself engaged with its beautiful narratives and characters, this article will be a great help for you to choose.

1. Love 020

A gaming expert, Xiao Nai is an expert in basketball, swimming, and academics. Xiao Nai is the president of a gaming company and also happens to be one of the well-known students of the college. Xiao Nai comes across Lu Wei Wei, a girl with a computer science major with whom Xiao Nai instantly falls in love. It was Lu Wei Wei's excellent mastery skills of gaming that made Xiao Nai fall for her. At last, Lu Wei Wei and Xiao Nai grow strong as a couple, leading to a happy ending.

2. About Is Love

Wei Qing is a senior executive of a company. He deters himself from interacting with women due to his severe care of OCD. Wei Qing is looking for a princess who will help him get out of his current circumstances. One day, he meets Zhou Shi, an 18-year-old art student, and to his surprise, he feels totally at ease with her. Wei Qing and Zhou Shi gradually develop feelings for each other, which results in a lovely and endearing love tale.

3. Accidentally In Love

Cheng Qing Qing is the heir of a wealthy family who wants to find the love of her life on her own and avoids arranged marriage. On the day of her wedding, Cheng Qing Qing runs off and enrolls herself at the college where her parents once studied in the hope of finding more truths about her parent's death. There, Qing Qing meets Si Tu Feng, a famous singer. So Tu Feng and Qing Qing constantly quarrel and cause trouble for each other. However, with time, they grow feelings for each other, and Qing continues to investigate her parent’s death.

4. Suddenly This Summer

Suddenly This Summer tells the tale of a sports student, He Luo, a sports student who always scores lower marks in her academics and often gets criticized by the director of her school for her poor academic performance. Tired of it all, He Luo declares that she will attend one of the best colleges in the nation i.e., Hua Qing. He Luo begins to prepare for her entrance exams with the help of Zhang Yuan, her classmate. With vigorous preparations, He Luo improves her marks and shocks everyone. He Luo and Zhang Yuan fell in love with each other and decided to apply to the same college. However, Zhang Yuan failed the exam, which led them to go to different colleges in different countries.

5. Hello Debate Opponent

Bai Yu is a first-year student at Nanzhou Jiaotong University, majoring in Culture Industry Management. Bai Yu mistakenly heeds the ongoing meeting to select new members for the debate club and ends up joining it with Yi Xiao Xi and many others. Geng Ting Ting is a final-year student who desires to win the National University Debate Competition and puts all her faith in the new team. However, some challenges arise in the midst, which Geng Ting Ting has to fulfill. It is a great series to watch where everyone has to go through difficult times and surpass them successfully.

6. You Are My Hero

A several-year serial murder case involving a girl serves as the setting for a unique experimental program for which experimental instructor Situ Kun created a particular practical class to train a group of elite criminal police officers. Ji Jun Cheng, Lin Xi, Qin Chuan, Nalan Hui, Ding Xiao Bing, and many others passed the various rounds of evaluation using their best skills to complete the mission. However, now it would be interesting to watch how many of them will be successful and surpass the exam.

7. Mr. Fox And Miss Rose

Mr. Fox and Miss Rose is a series that explores the story of a jewel explorer, Gao Zhen He, who makes his living by discovering gems. One day, his gemstones fell off from a cliff to a place where an ancient tribe lives. Xing Yue, the tribe leader, rescues Gao Zhen and wants him to be her man. Gao Zhen pretends to be married to Xing Yue to collect his gemstones. After doing so, he leaves Xing Yue and returns to the city. In search of Gao Zhen and her gems, Xing Yue goes after him. The series consists of genres like action, romance, and comedy, which will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

8. Private Shushan College

Teng Jing is an orphan who lived his entire life in ShuShan. Teng Jing was a bright student whose achievements were exceptional, for which he often used to get admiration and appreciation from his classmates and professors. All the students of ShuShan College find friendship and love in their lives while encouraging and supporting each other through their tough times. These things make them grow personally, welcoming their new and mature personality.

9. Memories Of Love

The Memories of Love depicts the story of a perfect prince charming, Lu Fei, who accidentally meets Xin Chen, a stubborn and rebellious young lady. Despite their opposite character, they are attracted to each other and ultimately fall in love. But, they eventually part their ways, and it takes ten years for Lu Fei to understand the meaning of love. He abandons his growing business abroad and returns to look for Xin Chen.

10. Take My Brother Away

Take My Brother Away explores the story of Shi Miao and Shi Fen, her brother who always teases her and makes her angry more than 100 times daily. The two always fight with each other, not letting each other live a peaceful life. However, whenever any problem arises, Shi Fen becomes a very loving and caring brother who will do anything to protect his sister. The series depicts the quarrel and love relationship between a brother and sister that will make you laugh like anything and keep you engaged with its 30 episodes.