Article: Top 10 Japanese Anime That Deserved A Better Ending

Nowadays, having a happy ending is seen as a tiresome cliche, as the audience considers this not a realistic conclusion. We all believe that every story always has a happy ending and that our current era prefers our creators to try to explore more tragic and emotional narratives. Some people consider delightful endings in stories unimaginative. There is a massive demand in the anime industry for sad endings as they are considered more sophisticated and mature by us. However, some people still hope to see the happy endings of our favorite anime stars.

1. Banana Fish

Banana Fish is an anime series written by Akimi Yoshida. The story is about Ash Lynx, attempting to survive as a gang leader. He begins investigating Banana fish, a mystery,  the exact two words Griffin, his older brother, said since his return from the Iraq War. The series stands out for exploring unconventional topics. It also showcases the relationship between Ash and Eiji, a shy Japanese photographer, both of whom the fans loved. Unfortunately, the fans didn’t get their happy ending with, Ash dying and Eiji returning to Japan alone.

2. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann, also known as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, is a Japanese anime by Gainax. The story focuses on Simon and Kamina, two teenagers who live underground and dream of going to the surface. They both use Lagann to reach the surface and go all out to save their human race from destruction. Simon, the protagonist, doesn't get his happy ending. During his wedding ceremony, Nia, his lover, vanishes right before his eyes, leaving him alone. Many fans wished that these two had a better ending.

3. Your Name

The well-known anime director Makoto Shinkai is known for his fascination with the concept of separated lovers. Be it any age, distance, circumstances, or the reality of time itself, something is always standing between the people in his stories. Be it any movie, his characters always seem to be drifting apart. Your Name brought worldwide fame to the director by showcasing a story of a number-ending obstacle between the couple and  it doesn't give the fans the satisfaction of a happy ending.

4. Lament Of The Lamb

Lament of the Lamb, also known as Sheep’s Song, is a horror series written by Kei Toume. Chizuna and Kazuna inherit this curse from their ancestors. These siblings go through hell together, but still, their suffering doesn't bring them redemption. After living for years, this bloodlust was a nightmare for them, and both of them gave up trying for their life and, in the cruelest way, died together.

5. Grave Of The Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies is a war anime written by Isao Takahta. This series doesn’t hide the harsh and heartbreaking reality of war. It is set in the city of Kobe, Japan, in 1945, following the story of two siblings and orphans, Setsuko and Seita. Despite his efforts to save Setsuko while staying alive himself, still his courage is not good enough to battle starvation and destruction.

6. No.6

No.6 is a city where Shion, an elite student, saves Nezumi, a young boy who escaped from the local prison. After reuniting with Nezumi after several years, they find all the dirty secrets of this ideal city. Their story unfortunately ends with Shion dying while he was trying to uncover the secrets of their world and him parting with Nezumi forever.

7. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a Western neo-noir space anime created by Sunrise. The story is about Spike Spiegel, the bounty hunter and his never-ending run with his past mistakes. During his final confrontation with Vicious, his old friend and rival, he dies, being unable to let go of all the regrets that he holds.

8. Osomatsu San

Osomatsu San is a satirical comedy classic that starts as a bitter but also lighthearted gag series. It follows the absurd adventures of six brothers who are identical but have vastly different personalities. However, as the series comes towards the end, the characters begin to become better and learn valuable lessons. The series ends with them returning to square one, not giving the viewers a better and happy finale.

9. Barefoot Gen

Barefoot Gen is a powerful statement against war, showing a disturbing story about the effects of the atomic bomb. This anime is one of the most realistic portrayals of the horrors of war and an unbearable story to witness. Gen Nakaoka is a six-year-old boy who lives with his family and all the people he encountered after the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Even though the anime’s ending is as hopeful as it can be, the fans still wish that the devastating reality of the show could be different.

10. Wolf’s Rain

Wolf’s Rain is a Japanese anime written by Keiko Nobumotoand. The story focuses on four lone wolves who cross paths while they follow the scent of the Lunar Flower. Even in such circumstances, there is still a light of hope that shines through these legends of the wolf race, who are the only ones who know the key to Paradise. One of them sees a glimpse at the mystical lands right before he dies, like all his other companions.