South Korea is known for producing the best historical dramas, especially centered around its long standing Joseon dynasty. Viewers love them for their simplicity, political intrigue and costumes. The romance is also another fun part. Discover captivating tales of Joseon history  in these top 10 Joseon dynasty K-dramas. 1. Under The Queen’s Umbrella Im Hwa […]

Born on 9th November 1998, 24 years old, Zhao Lusi is a very talented actress. At a very young age, she received well-deserved appreciation from both her fans and netizens. Apart from her acting skills, she is also a very good singer, released many singles and also sung theme songs for her dramas. She made […]

Over the years, Thailand has established itself in the BL industry, and with that, it has started hosting award shows that are inclusive of these BL series. It is a big win for the lgbtq+ community to receive such support from the general public. Following are the top Thai BL series, which have attained awards […]

It is always interesting to watch dramas Korean Dramas where the boys fall in love first and hard. Seeing how a girl enters the life changes every aspect of the boy and makes him fall in love. It is beautiful to watch for the people. The audience can find many K-Dramas where the boy falls […]

Aug 2023

Shenhua is a subgenre of Chinese fantasy fiction. It mainly revolves around demons, gods, monsters, and immortals from Chinese mythology. Here is the list of the top 10 Shenhua Chinese dramas. 1. Painted Skin It follows the story of a demon fox named Xiao Wei, raised by a human named Xia Lao and his granddaughter, […]

Thailand, known for its delicious cuisines, beaches, and temples, is also becoming popular in the International entertainment scene. With the popularity of Thai BL (Boys Love), Web series, such as F4 Thailand, and various Thai Actors who have either been active in the International Entertainment Industry from the beginning or are making their way, Thailand […]

Currently, there is a widespread phenomenon of Chinese drama that has taken over the youth culture. This cultural influence is reflected in their daily lives, appearance, and style. One of the main reasons people are drawn towards this type of drama is due to the captivating, good-looking male leads with their charming smiles. These actors […]

The face reveals are one of the most thrilling aspects of anime. Whether it’s a masked hero or a mysterious villain, the face reveals always captivate viewers. Here in this article, we will explore the most iconic face reveals in anime. 1. Kakashi Hatake – Naruto Shippuden Kakashi is one of the most popular characters […]

Teens go all heart-eyed when they see an eye candy person. Breaking their records, Korean men have won the hearts of many teens worldwide, either by their fine looks or by their talent to swoon women off their feet, or maybe both. With looks that fatal, they’d probably win all the presidential campaigns if they […]

Many idols now have a successful acting career. Along with acting in dramas many are also starring in movies. They are also taking up characters that contrast the cute image they have as idols. Some idols have also played the main characters alongside popular actors. Here is a list of films starring idols. 1. Exit […]