Article: 10 K-Drama Rom-Com That Will Make You Laugh And Fall In Love

It is often hard to know where and what to start with for people just getting into the vast world of K-Dramas. Many ask their friends; some go online and Google reviews, but sometimes more is needed. To help you find some of the best romantic comedy shows you can watch, here are some of the absolute must-watches you need to add to your list and start watching. For those who have already watched most of these shows, sit back, relax, and enjoy rewatching.

1. Business Proposal

Business proposal is a show that has been based on a webtoon. While the storyline can be called cliché, it is very entertaining and will make you laugh. It is a drama that boosts your mood and makes you want to continue watching. A story about an office worker who disguises herself and goes on a blind date in exchange for her best friend. That blind date ends up being her attractive boss. We follow along to see how this story develops.

2. Crash Landing On You

It is a show about a South Korean heiress, Yoon Seri, who somehow ends up in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea while paragliding. She is rescued by the North Korean Special Forces captain, who takes matters into his own hands and decides that he will help her return home. This show not only brings in tears of sadness but also laughter and happiness. The lead couple's chemistry and the minor and side character's hilarious acting are unforgettable.

3. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Following a cliché storyline, it is a drama about the chaebol and his secretary. One day, she abruptly resigns from her job because she wants to date and marry. This results in feelings being discovered and developed. The chemistry between both the lead characters is unmatchable, along with the entertaining plot that brings love and laughter to the show.

4. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

It is a light and romantic show that follows the storyline of our main character, Do Bongsoon, who was born with a superpower of superhuman strength. Due to this, she ends up becoming the bodyguard of the wealthy CEO. Amidst all the drama they go through, feelings start developing. This is it if you are looking for a light, fun, and romantic drama. The drama not only makes you roll in laughter but also its thrilling storyline.

5. Fight For My Way

Fight for My Way is a well-loved and famous romantic comedy K-Dramas. It is a show that fully explores the comedy and romance aspects of the show. It is about four best friends who are very packed together and are just trying to survive as adults in this big world. Although they work around it, they haven't forgotten their dreams and one fine day, they decide to go for it and start living how they want to.

6. My Love From The Star

It is a classic drama that gained popularity locally and internationally. Our main character, Jun Ji Hyun, is known to be extra and is a known arrogant actress. We watch her crazy endeavours and funny life. One of the funniest things is how she can never be without make-up, even if it is in a life-or-death situation. This drama became famous with its legendary gifs as well.

7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This drama follows the story of a sweet yet hilarious campus couple's romance. The main leads are characters that can be called one of a kind. The combination of them together led to a charming yet funny storyline. The show focuses on college students' dreams and love stories in sports. This show keeps making you return to it not just because of its humour but also the heartwarming aspect of it. It is a show about best friends and lovers all in one.

8. Romance Is A Bonus Book

If comfort, warmth, and love was a show, it would be Romance is a Bonus Book. It is a show If comfort, warmth, and love were a show, it would be Romance is a Bonus Book. It is a show that features a rom-com story of people who work at a publishing company where our lead, Cha Eun-ho, finds out his first love is now divorced and needs help; hence, he decides to help her out as she does her best to find her way back at work. It follows a funny yet endearing and touching storyline that will leave you happy.

9. Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

Guardian can easily be called one of the best Korean dramas ever made and one of the most famous shows. Guardian, commonly known as Goblin, is a drama that one must watch if they are into supernatural or fantasy shows and if they need to have a good laugh while watching well-made romantic stories. It is a story about Dokkaebi, a 939-year-old immortal best friend with a grim reaper who is destined to break his curse and become his wife. This show goes through many ups and downs and comes out with a fantastic storyline. People still consider this to be the top-tier drama of all time. You will certainly have a gala time watching the chemistry between the lead and the supporting characters, and it will warm your heart and make you laugh.

10. Kill Me Heal Me

It is a story about a wealthy man and our protagonist named Cha Do Hyun, who is suffering from a disease called multiple personality disorder, which was developed due to his traumatic childhood. One of his personalities is in love with our main female lead, Oh Ri Jin. This drama is part of the show primarily because of how comical one of our main character's personalities was. A teenage girl who goes by the name Yo Na.