Article: Top 10 Grim Reapers Of Korean Dramas

Once upon a time, there was a Grim Reaper, an angel who carries the soul away to where they stand destined. Korean Dramas have the most lovable Grim Reapers. Handsome, clever, innocent, soft-hearted, and some evil. A grim reaper is a spiritual or mythological concept. For the world, it is a spirit in black relating to death, shown on television with faceless characters. In Korea usually, this character is shown in black suits, uniforms, and a black hat symbolizing death. You will read a few hugely popular drama names and some of which are unheard of but worth watching.

1. Goblin 

It is tagged all over social media, that Goblin’s Grim Reaper acted by Lee Dong Wook is the most handsome Grim Reaper in K-dramas. He is innocent, funny, handsome, and lovable in the drama. No eyes can get off him in his black attire, the uniform. In goblin, as a grim reaper, his duty lies to allow the souls into the afterlife. This is only the duty, this character is the central character hence creating a lot of iconic moments living with the goblin, unboxing the history, and some romance.


2. 49 Days

Won’t you feel sad if there is no one apart from your family to shed tears while you are on a deathbed? Jung II-Woo, the grim Reaper of this story agrees with a comatose patient, starring Nam Gyu-Ri, to save her life if she has at least 3 people, besides her family to shed tears for her. With some twists, the drama marks its success for its story and cast.


3. Tomorrow 

If you don’t find a job, you can get a job title of Grim Reaper, just like Choi Joon Woong did in Tomorrow. The drama has a whole team or a gang of Grim Reapers, to name some starring Rowoon, Lee Soo-Hyuk, Kim Hee-Sun, and Yoon Ji-On. The drama is based on a webtoon in which this group of Grim Reapers is trying to save people from death.


4. Black

A fantasy, thriller, and romance genre mix drama is Black. Kim Tae-Woo is the grim reaper with the help of Go Ara (starring Kang Ha-Ram) who can see death shadows and is trying to find his missing partner. He falls in love, he saves some lives, and he breaks the rules. While meddling in the life and death situations, the drama follows a lot of suspense and thrill within the search.


5. The Universe's Star

This drama is a cute romantic story. Ji Woo is acting as a 19-year-old girl who becomes a grim reaper after an accident. In the drama, a situation arises when her Bias k-pop idol is about to die, she decides and makes attempt at saving his life. That k-pop is played by EXO's Suho, who happens to be a real-life k-pop idol and a member of the EXO group (Korean -Chinese group)


6. Arang And The Magistrate 

In this drama, the leader of the grim reaper is Han Jung-soo. As it is a historic genre-based drama the duty of the grim reaper differs slightly from a modern world reaper, like serving the King of the Underworld, etc. But here his main duty is to send Arang the lead across the river. Sounds like a simple job? Well, the story will tell you suspense and thrill.


7. Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds

It is a movie, with a sequel- Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days. The grim reaper's main cast is Ha Jung-woo, Ju Ji-hoon, and Kim Hyang-gi. The first movie is a story revolving around three grim reapers and a story of a man. Dealing with the afterlife situations, these three Grim Reapers are up to deciding the man’s fate for whatever he has done while he was living in reality.


8. Hotel Del Luna

Kang Hong-Seok is the grim reaper that appeared in Hotel De Luna. He is likewise famous for his character in ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ This grim reaper got no majority of the scenes, but he is adored by the audience for his character, appearance, and personality as an actor. Hotel De luna is worth watching drama. So, spot our grim reaper watching this drama.


9. Irish Uppercut

Irish Uppercut is a Korean drama. Kim Ji Suk and Bora (South Korean singer) are the main leads, where Bora is the grim reaper, who helps Kim Ji Suk (the chef) to run his pub named‘ Irish Uppercut.’ The chef killed himself and only has his soul in purgatory! It is hard to find this drama in success rates or range of popularity but serves a good grim reaper.


10. High School Love On 

This drama has no proper cast name as Grim Reaper but is about an angel who carries out precisely the duties of a grim Reaper. Grim Reaper is well-known to drama fans, therefore you will resemble the character of a high school girl who converts into a human being after saving the life of her schoolmate. Slowly, other tough conditions come across to be solved. Hope you like this version.