Article: 10 Korean Dramas To Watch For Beginners

If you are a new K-drama fan, it’s often hard to make a great watch list. To help you find the binge-worthy shows, we listed out ten light-hearted rom-com K-dramas to binge-watch. Here are the ten best romantic comedy Korean dramas for beginners.

1. Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers is the number one rom-com drama for newbies. This drama is a complete package of great casting, an astonishing storyline, amusing friendship, and unbeatable chemistry between the characters. It has enough funny and romantic moments that will make you love the show more and more. It is considered one of the best dramas of all time. Likewise, it has earned popularity throughout Asia. If you are a newbie to Kdrama, then this one is a must-watch.


2. Strong Girl Bong-Soon

It’s another rom-com that will leave you wanting more. Our main leads will get you rolling on the floor most of the time. This K- Drama revolves around Do Bong Soon, a human born with superwoman’s strength. The CEO of a gaming company hired Bong Soon to be his bodyguard. Their romance in search of kidnappers creates dangerous situations which bring them closer. You will also feel butterflies in your stomach once they start liking each other.


3. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

If you prefer feel-good dramas over complex dramas, this one is perfect. The story is about the vice-chairman of a company and his secretary. It adds a twist to the usual office romantic comedy by featuring a strong female lead who stands up for herself. The thing that made the drama so memorable was the unbeatable chemistry between the two protagonists.


4. My Love From The Star

Your ultimate rom-com list wouldn’t be complete without this drama. This drama will not only get you hooked throughout the show but will also get you to dive deeper into the Korean drama world. This drama is funny and also a heart-fluttering romance with fantasy. There are many funny and romantic moments. The story revolves around an alien who landed on earth, and after 400 years, the alien falls in love with a female who is a top actress of her generation.


5. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

It was one of the sweetest and most hilarious campus romances K-Dramas. This series is a story about teen athletes in college who are fighting for their dreams. Kim Bok Joo finds herself stuck between her goals and her unexpectedly blossoming love life. The drama will give you positive vibes for sure. All the characters are simply likeable, and the chemistry between the two main leads is incredible and so heart-touching.


6. Descendants Of The Sun

“Descendants of the Sun” is one of the most popular K-dramas. The story revolves around a doctor and an army captain. After a series of misunderstandings, the two leads begin to fall in love. This drama has a good balance of light-hearted moments and comedy. This drama was a heart-touching drama, and it is a must-watch drama. The songs from this drama are also wonderful. Watch this if you want a feel-good K-Drama.


7. Touch Your Heart

If you’re looking for a light and funny drama without a complicated plot, then 'Touch Your Heart' is for you. The story revolves around a famous actress who has a scandal that damaged her career, leaving her jobless for two years. To get a role in the upcoming series, she agrees to work as a secretary for a lawyer at a law firm, and eventually, falls in love. This drama will warm your heart for sure.


8. Fight For My Way

If you’ve watched ten rom-coms, you’ll find “Fight for My Way” refreshing and relatable. The story is about the leads with big dreams working to survive and striving for success in a career they’re underqualified for. A long-time friendship turns into a romance between two immature friends. Their blossoming romance will warm your heart.


9. I Am Not A Robot

If you’re searching for a rom-com with a unique storyline, this one is the best. The entire drama is heart-warming till the end. It will offer you plenty of feelings, tears, and happiness. The story follows the wealthy shareholder of a financial company who is allergic to humans. He has a severe skin allergy that he developed as a result of the trauma he sustained as a child. Both actors’ chemistry is nice.


10. She Was Pretty

“She Was Pretty” is another considerable drama for beginners who are looking for some feel-good comedy and light-hearted fun. The story concerns two past acquaintances who meet again after they have gone through revere of fortunes and appearances. The series is fun, and if you want to distress after a very long time, then this is the show for you. The characters were represented well and, the plotline was gripping.