Article: Top 10 Enemies To Lovers Thai BL Series

For any drama to watch, the favorite trope among people is enemies to lovers. The trope of enemies to lovers gives an insight into how two people hate each other and fall in love. The trope of the Thai BL series about enemies to lovers is famous among the BL fans, which leads to a lot of great series.

1. Bad Buddy

Bad Buddy describes the story of two neighbors whose parents hate each other to core. Pat and Parn are forced to compete for everything. Because of their parents, they hate each other as well as they are forced to compete. They start college, and everything goes down the hill when they find out that they are neighbors here as well.

2. Not Me

Not Me is a mysterious thriller Thai BL series. It is a story of twin brothers, Black and White, who separated in their childhood but have a connection through their feelings. When White knows his brother has been mysteriously attacked, he takes the Black position and joins his world. But White doesn't know that Black is far different from him in everything. There, White meets Sean, and they hate each other.

3. TharnType

TharnType is an enemies-to-lovers story that is loved by the people till today. Tharn and Type become roommates in college. At first, Type likes Tharn, but after discovering he is not a straight guy, Type instantly dislikes him and tells him to change rooms. Their love story is a rollercoaster of emotions.

4. Manner Of Death

Manner Of Death describes the story of Dr. Ban, who comes to a small town because of his transfer. He is in disbelief when he finds out his good friend committed suicide, but he is not ready to accept the same. Tan, a mysterious man, is present in all this mess. Dr. Ban thinks he is the reason for her suicide.

5. KinnPorsche 

KinnPorsche is an enemies-to-lovers story of a Mafia man and his boyfriend. Porsche is a bartender and saves Kinn, the son of the Mafia family. Kinn’s father orders Kinn to make Porsche his background. But Porsche does not want that. Later, he agrees, but they both can’t stand each other.

6. The Eclipse 

The Eclipse is the story of Ayan, who moves schools to find out about his uncle's suicide. He meets Akk and sees that the whole school is a mess. The head of the Perfect Students Council, Akk, tries to keep up with teachers' expectations. But the entry of Ayan makes his life more complicated than before.

7. A Tale Of Thousand Stars

A  Tale Of Thousand Stars describes the story of a rich spoiled brat, Tian, suffering from heart disease. He gets a heart transplant from a girl named Tofun. Tian finds out about her diary and tries to fulfill her wishes as a thank you. He goes to a village in the mountains where Tofun used to teach, and he decides to take her position. He meets Phupha, a chief. At first sight, they don’t get along.

8. Big Dragon 

Big Dragon describes the story of Yai, a well-off boy who is good looking. He gets all the attention in his college until Mangkorn makes his entry. Mangkorn is also good looking, and Yai thinks he took all his attention. He decides to take revenge on Mangkorn. Their enemies-to-lovers love story is intense and intriguing.

9. Bed Friend

Bed Friend describes the story of Uea and King, who work in the same company but never interact. As Uea doesn't like playboys, King is the biggest playboy in his eyes. One drunken night leads to a closeness between them. They make a relationship as a bed friend with no strings attached.

10. Be My Favorite 

Be My Favorite is a fantasy drama. Kawee is an introvert and always has opinions about others before actually knowing them, and he can’t make friends because of his nature. He has a crush on Praemai, who always helps him, but he can’t confess to her and misses the opportunity. After ten years, he gets the marriage invitation of Praemai and Pisaeng. He finds the globe he bought ten years ago, and when it turns, time changes, and he is back in time ten years.