Article: Top 10 C-Dramas Where The Boy Is Whipped For His Girl

Chinese dramas show the aspect of the boy being whipped for his girl. Chinese dramas are known for having an intense love story and romance. Having the boy in love with his girl makes it intriguing and beautiful to watch for the audience.  There are so many C-dramas where one will find a boy totally in love with his girl and trying everything to maintain a good relationship.

1. Put Your Head On My Shoulder 

Put Your Head On My Shoulder describes the story of a genius physics student, Gu Weiyi, and an accountant major, Situ Mo. In college, they don’t like each other. Their parents are friends, and they let them live in the same apartment without telling them.

2. Love O2O

Love O2O tells the story of two good-looking intelligent people who are aces of computers and online games. They are graduating in computer science and both play online games. Bei Wei Wei and Xiao Nai played an online game and met. They don’t know their identity in real life and play games as their character, but Xian Nai falls in love at first sight with Bei Wei Wei.

3. Skate InTo Love

Skate InTo Love describes the story of two schoolmates Li Yubing and Tang Xue. They meet again in college in an awkward circumstance. They both have different dreams yet are similar. Their love for skates brings them close again. The girl is the short-track skater and ice hockey star of the college.

4. Meteor Garden 

Meteor Garden describes the story of four best friends who are opposite to each other in personality, but all are handsome. They all attend high-end schools and bully weak students for fun. Dao Ming Si is the leader and meets a student who doesn't belong to his standard of living. Dong Shancai gets to study in the consent school and comes face to face with the boy. He bullies her, but she fights against him.

5. Hidden Love

Hidden Love describes a cute love story about Duan Jia Xu and Shang Zhi. Shang Zhi was in school when she met her brother’s best friend, Duan Jia Xu, and liked him. Due to their five-year difference, he thinks she is his little sister. They meet again when she is a college-going girl, and he starts working. Their feelings of the past come rushing when the boy also starts to feel something for her.

6. Love Is Sweet

Love Is Sweet describes the story of Jiang Jun, who decides to work in an investment company to fulfill her father's last wish. In the office, she meets her childhood playmate, Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai, after years, has changed so much that now he has become her rival. He used to be the protector in childhood, but now the story has taken a turn.

7. Falling Into Your Smile

Falling Into Your Smile describes the story of a girl gamer, Tang Yao, who wants to join a gaming group and participate in a competition. She has a rule to never fall in love with another gaming boy due to her ex-boyfriend. She gets the opportunity to join a five-member boy group. One of the members has to retire due to his hand injury, and the girl will take his place. But everyone in the group is not happy with the decision. The leader, Lu Shi Cheng, and Tang Yao do not go along.

8. Once We Get Married 

Once We Get Married describes the story of a small boutique owner, Gu Xi Xi. She meets Alex, a well-known designer, at one of the parties. Yin Si Chen, the wealthy CEO of a fashion company, makes an appearance at the same party. Due to the circumstances, the girl and the boy enter into a fake marriage.

9. Professional Single

Professional Single describes the story of two Qin Shen and Yuan Qian. They both don't have any interest in relationships and never want to enter any. They come across each other in college due to their field and passion for the arts. How two people who want to die single get attracted to each other is exciting for the audience.

10. Lighter And Princess 

Lighter And Princess tells the story of Zhu Yun, who just began her university life and wants it to go as simply as possible. However, the entry of boy Li Xun throws water on her plan. Li Xun is a mysterious boy and does not want to participate in any activity with his classmates. But what attracted him to her was exciting to watch.