Japanese movies are known for their enriched Japanese culture. In Japanese film you can find traces of their rich culture with other elements like romance, drama, thriller and comedy. With time, Japanese movies have gained recognition from around the globe and represented the country in world stage. From decades women in the direction felid of […]

Ok Teac Yeon is a South Korean actor and K-pop idol born on December 27, 1988, in Seoul. He immigrated at the age of ten to Massachusetts with his family. He debuted as a member of the boyband 2 PM in 2008 after competing in a survival show, Hot Blood Men. He debuted as an […]

Fu Shiqi, known as Cheng Yi, is a Chinese singer and actor, born on 17th May 1990. During school he participated in many dramas and musicals, having rich experience in stage performances. In 2011, he made his TV debut in the drama Beauty World. In 2012, he graduated from Central Academy of Drama. He was […]

Chinese dramas over the past several years have consistently outperformed in terms of entertainment and narrative, diving into various issues and keeping us fascinated. Chinese dramas are becoming increasingly popular among audiences- both young and older generations, through platforms like Viki, iQIYI, Viu, Netflix, and YouTube. Some have great stuff to say about these dramas, […]

Davika Hoorne, known as Mai, is a Thai model, actress, and singer, born to a Thai mother and Belgian father. At the age of ten, her parents divorced, and since then, she was raised by her mother. In 2010, she started her career in modeling before making her debut in acting in the drama Ngao […]

Winter is around the corner, and such times make us want to stay indoors and cuddle up to our favorite movies and TV shows. When it comes to entertainment, Japanese cinema has a lot to offer. And people around the world have started to show their love and interest in Japanese films and shows. In […]

It is intriguing to talk about male K-pop idols who are the definition of prince in the eyes of the audience. Many K-pop idols are different from each other, and all of their visuals are out of the world. The definition of prince means having an irresistible charm and allowing people to get attracted to […]

Chinese dramas show the aspect of the boy being whipped for his girl. Chinese dramas are known for having an intense love story and romance. Having the boy in love with his girl makes it intriguing and beautiful to watch for the audience.  There are so many C-dramas where one will find a boy totally […]

In Korean dramas, male leads are known for being whipped for their girls. Having this trope lets people get more immersed in the characters and their romance aspect. Seeing the aspect of the boy being in love with the girl has made the standard high for the audience. Let’s look at various K-dramas where the […]

You’ve probably seen Kim Go Eun’s brilliance and charisma if you love Korean shows. She has become a fan favorite among viewers thanks to her adaptable acting abilities and capacity to give her roles depth. I’ll walk you through the top 10 dramas that highlight her remarkable acting talent. 1. King: The Eternal Monarch The […]