Article: C-Dramas About Relationships Between Student And Teacher

C-Dramas take the medal for the most captivating storyline and complex dynamics between the relationship between student and teacher. These dramas portray the nuances of mentorship, blurring of boundaries and feelings that arise from the mixing of professional role.

Audiences around the globe are drawn to the ethical dilemmas shown in these dramas. For students, these dramas explore the themes of academic hierarchies and personal desires. The teacher's point of view shows us the internal struggles and moral dilemmas they face when confronted with different emotions in the classroom with the students.

Eventually, these C-Dramas about the teacher student relations interest audiences with complex characters and storyline. These dramas start discussions about human experiences. Whether you are a C-Drama fan or not, these ten dramas will leave a lasting effect on you.

1. Beauty Of Resilience (2023)

In Wei Kingdom of the mortal world people want to achieve immortality, yet, most common person can’t reach. Since she was young, Wei Zhi, a young woman, has been considered an omen of bad fate. During the coming-of-age ceremony she along with other 35 Wei Zhi group members displayed phoenix form in the mirror. This led to the whole group being sent to the Egret Academy. Yan Yue, the monarch of the Heavens, has come down to the world of mortals to search for the person who carries phoenix lineage. Even though the laws of the heavens are against meddling in human matters, he can’t stop falling for Wei Zhi.

2. From Repair To Pair (2022)

Before meeting Qin Zhi Yuan, the owner of Yuxinzhai, Oiu Yuan had no opportunity to gain experience in the job she desires in cultural conservation. It was by accident that Yuan and Zhi Yuan became friends. In the world of conservators, Zhi Yuan is a legend. And he later helps her to establish her career after he puts her in trouble using her “rubber board” technology.

3. A Female Student Arrives At The Imperial College (2021)

The grand marshal’s only daughter, Sang Qi, dreams of attending Imperial College like her late brother. She overcomes many obstacles in the way and finally enrols as the first female student in the college. Throughout her journey at the college, she builds a strong bond with Zhuo Wen Yuan, her childhood friend, who is in love with her. And on the other hand, meets Yan Yun Zhi with whom she has many adventures.

4. The Trick Of Life And Love (2021)

Ning Cheng is a CEO who has a reputation for being a terrible professor. After an accident, he suffers from amnesia and is rescued by Li Qian. They use to be enemy and a witty student of him but now a successful secretary.

5. Perfect And Casual (2020)

The plot of the drama revolves around the cold professor Zhang Si Nian and the cheerful student Yun Shu. After lots of meeting and encounters they agree to marry contractually.

6. When A Snail Falls In Love (2016)

Vita is a novice prodigy in the field of psychological research. Her brain functions like some fast generator and is gifted in aptitude like a snail. When she joins the police service, she faces the threat of removal due to her frail physique. She seeks help of her senior officer Prach who is a brilliant investigator. He does not like her initially but eventually accepts her as his mentee.

7. Once Upon A Time In Lingjian Mountain (2019)

This is the story of Wang Lu, a young genius who joins the spirit Blade Sect and begins on a different route to immortal cultivation.

8. City Of Streamer (2022)

Set on the Shanghai shores at the turn of the twentieth century, warlords begin to grab power. The influential Rong family frequently misuses their power and money for criminal causes. To ensure justice, Feng Shi Zhen chose to take the road of vengeance. She successfully snuck into the Rong family and become a tutor to the young master Rong Jia Shang. However, as the time continues and they got to know each other they can’t help but fall for each other.

9. The Journey Of Chongzi (2023)

The demon king fled into the mortal world in ruins after the demon lord Ni Lun was killed. Even though Chong Zi is a good-hearted and pure, she harbours a powerful demonic spirit. She decides to cultivate at Nanhua after being saved by the immortal Chu Bu Fu, but is turned away as it has been predicted that she could turn into a monster.

10. The Longest Promise (2023)

The rocky romance between Princess Zhu Yan of the Chi Yi Tribe and Royal Prince Shi Ying originates from the Kong Sang continent. The prince is banished to Jiu Yi Mountain to cultivate when the queen is framed. As he concentrates on his work, he begins to feel a romantic connection with his student Zhu Yan. However, the dynamic of their relationship stops them from confessing to each other.