Article: C-Dramas About Master Servant Relationship

If you are a fan of Chinese dramas, you have probably noticed a recurring theme of a master-servant relationship. These dynamics are interesting to explore. There are various dramas that explore such themes. From subtle power struggle to the unexpected emotional connections, these dramas offer a unique glimpse into the hierarchies and personal dynamics that can arise between those in position of authorities and their subordinates. Whether you are drawn to historical setup or moder day set up, these C-Dramas will surely draw your attention. Here are ten recommendations from us about C-Dramas exploring the relationship between master and servant.

1. Love Of Thousands Year (2020)

An immortal deity named Fu Jiu Yun develops feelings for a mortal lady. Despite being powerful he is unable to gain her love and end up following her for thousands of years and different incarnations. She takes birth as a royal. The neighboring kingdom hatches a plan to destroy her. They were successful in killing her family and destroying her kingdom. She escapes by disguising as a maid and seeks help of Fu Jiu Yun for getting her revenge. In this journey of vengeance, they form a bond with each other.

2. I Am A Pet At Dali Temple (2018)

Ru Xiao Lan is a modern-day woman. She journeys back in time as a cat through a sequence of events. She meets Qing Mo Yan, who is afflicted with poison and kiss coincidently. And after that they realize that they solved each other’s problems. They choose to stay connected for their personal benefit. Thet set out to locate the ghost grass that can heal Mo Yan’s ailment and the five coloured stones that can break Xiao Lan’s curse.

3. Ashi Girl (2017)

The only that makes 16-years-old Hayakawa Yyi is her quickness. When her brother builds a time machine she mistakenly travels back in time in a warring state, where she meets and falls in love with Hagi Tadakiyo, the leader of the Hgi clan.

4. Rattan (2021)

A Xuanmen hunter killed the planet-alien hybrid Si Teng many years ago. Si Teng ran for her life, but it was in vain. The hunter ended up killing and burring her at the foot of a large cliff. She was resurrected because of the deeds of a young architect named Qin Fang. Si Teng is perplexed by the jumbled memories. She demands Qin to help her navigate her new life in the modern world.

5. An Oriental Odyssey (2018)

In the Tang dynasty, Mu Le, a young man with amnesia and an enigmatic identity, is saved by Ye Yuan An, the assistant minister of revenue’s oldest daughter. Mu Le agrees to serve Yuan An as a household servant and vows allegiance to her.

6. Ever Night (2018)

Ning Que, a little child, managed to flee after a powerful general killed his family. But he was able to survive due to his witty and intelligent character. He once unearthed a baby girl the he named Sang Sang amid a pile of corpse. They have been inseparable since that day. Ning enlists in the frontier military and later accompanies Princess Li Yu on her return to the city.

7. Princess Agents (2017)

The story takes place in the turbulent days of Wei when it is common for innocent people to be abducted and sold into slavery. Chu Qiao, a slave girl, was cast into a wilderness with other slaves and is now the wealthy lords’ next prey. Yan Xun, the prince of Yanbei, saves her. She is then adopted into a wealthy Yu Wen family and witnesses their power struggle. She ten grabs her sister and tries to flee away. But she attracts Yu Wen Yue’s attention and is put through rigorous training while developing a close bond with him.

8. Bloody Romance (2018)

The little daughter of an herbalist is duped and sold to a brothel during the chaotic period after the Tang dynasty collapse. She narrowly avoids death and finds herself in the city of female assassins. Under Chang An she starts training who is her guide and instructor with the fake name Wan Mei.

9. The Story Of Ming Lan (2018)

The story, set in the Northern Song period, centers on Sheng Ming Lan, an official’s sixth daughter. Growing up in an environment where there is no true familial love and where family members are plotting against one another, she learns to hide her true, smart self.

10. Ruyi’s Royal Love In The Palace (2018)

Becoming an empress is a path fraught with betrayal. Ru Yi is a consort who rises up the ranks by frequently figuring out the corrupt politics of the royal court. Even after becoming empress, she still has to withstand several plots against her.