Article: Top 10 Most Iconic Characters With Sand Powers

Some characters possess amazing abilities in the world of anime. Among them, those who control sand, have a unique edge in combat. These characters have unique abilities to manipulate and shape sand. Here we will explore ten such characters from the anime world who harness the extraordinary power of sand.

1. Gara - Naruto

Gara, a prominent character from the Naruto series, possesses the ability to control sand. Initially an enemy, Gara evolved into a most feared leader. His skills allow him to shape and control sand in many different ways. With sand manipulation, he can launch close-range as well as long-range attacks. To ensure his constant supply of sand, he carries a large barrel filled with sand on his back. Additionally, he can also create clones looking like him from the sand.

2. Sajin Higawara - My Hero Acadmia

In the series My Hero Academia, individuals possess unique quirks. Sajin Higawara, also known as Snatch, has a Sandstrom quirk. With his ability, he can transform his upper body into sand. One cool thing about Snatch is that he can't be affected by Tomura Shigaraki's decay power, as he can turn himself into tiny grains of sand. Also, Dabi's blue flames can't harm him, as sand is fireproof.

3. Ajeel Raml - Fairy Tail

Ajeel Raml is known as the Desert King due to his sand magic skills. He possesses the power to control things in various ways. He can transform his body into the sand, create sand pits, and generate destructive sand storms capable of devastating entire towns. With his ability to manipulate sand, he can drain moisture from living beings by touching them. With his abilities, Ajeel is a formidable opponent. However, his arrogance stems from a superiority complex.

4. Crocodile - One Piece

Crocodile obtained abilities to control sand after consuming the Devil Fruit of Suna Suna no Mi. It gives him the ability to control and transform his body into sand. He can also create sharp sand blades like a sword. Additionally, he can unleash sandstorms that dehydrate and harm living beings. While he can use sand in various ways, liquids weaken his powers, giving opponents an advantage.

5. Iggy - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Iggy's stand, known as The Fool, is sand-based. With his ability, it can mold the sand and dust around it to form shields, swords, golems, wings, and other constructs according to Iggy's will.

6. Ganju Shiba - Bleach

Ganju Shiba, a prominent character in the popular anime Bleach, is a skilled combatant from the prestigious Shiba clan. His unique ability allows him to transform various materials into sand. Initially, he only used his powers for defense by converting walls into sand and escaping. However, as the anime progressed, he sowed the offensive potential of his sand abilities by submerging Ichigo's formidable Zangetsu sword deep into the earth.

7. Shukaku - Naruto

Shukaku, also known as a one-tailed beast, possesses the ability to manipulate sand and use it as a defensive shield as well as an offensive weapon. In addition to that, Shukaku can employ fuinjutsu by utilizing its natural cursed seal markings across its sand body. This generates a magnetic field that binds its targets, providing a unique method of immobilization. One of its standout techniques is the Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Seal, which has the power to temporarily restrain and withstand strong abilities like the Susanoo.

8. Sunshine - Kinnikuman

Sunshine, the leader of the Devil Knights, can control sand and use it for shape-shifting. To transform into a particular object, he needs to thoroughly study the object to do so accurately. Additionally, Sunshine possesses the ability to merge with other Devil Knights, transforming into the mighty General Devil and harnessing their collective strength.

9. Scorpio - Fairy Tail

Scorpio possesses the power of sand magic. His most formidable ability is the Sand Buster, in which he mimics a scorpion's posture, pointing his stinger at the enemy, and generates a massive sand tornado that he directs towards his target. Even those not directly hit by Scorpio's Sand Buster can still feel its impact. Additionally, he can shoot sand spears from his stinger and create a protective sand wall as a shield.

10. Runuganga - Bleach

Runuganga possesses the ability to manipulate sand at will. With his ability, he can create massive pits of sand that can trap individuals. At the peak of his manipulation ability, he can summon multiple tornadoes. In addition to that, he can use his manipulation abilities to create sand shields that serve as barriers for protection. Runuganga's unparalleled sand manipulation skills make him a formidable and respected force within the realm of the series.