During the recent past few years, BL has seemed to take the world by storm. For those who are unfamiliar with the term BL, it means Boy Love. Thailand has been one of the leading producers of some world-famous BL dramas. These dramas have carved a niche for themselves by acquiring a whole separate fan […]

To choose a top-rated mobile non GamStop casino app, you need to consider a number of important aspects. Design, user-friendliness and reliability are the three pillars on which solid software rests. Design, bonuses, licensing, game selection, mobile optimization and payment methods are therefore some of the crucial aspects that we cover in the following sections […]

Times have changed, and so has the trend of affection towards sports. Whether it’s Jet racing or soccer, girls are putting their foot on every field with perfection and determination. They put in equal effort and comprise very great gameplay that is worth watching for everyone. The best thing about sports anime is that they […]

When it comes to Japan’s album of the year, there have been some incredible releases that have made waves in the music industry. From catchy pop tunes to soulful ballads, this music not only captured the hearts of many out there but also influenced them for good, and it also helped them overcome their difficulties […]

The zombie genre fans have waited over a year for their famous drama Kingdom to return with new episodes. Kingdom has garnered a strong viewership by injecting the genre into a historical setting. This popular zombie apocalypse took the world by storm when it aired in 2019, gaining massive viewership in its first week. Here […]

Series-watching has always been the best form of escapism. No matter what is happening in your life, putting on a drama show will provide at least a couple of hours of stress-free binge-watching. If you’re looking for escapism, content with intricate plot twists and heavy-handed topics probably isn’t the type to watch. Often, we require […]

Anime fandom is one of the hugest in the globe cause people form so strong bond with non-existent characters that they treat them as a part of their community and even becomes emotional when they meet their tragic end. The emotions are due to the excellent work done by anime factors such as relatability and […]

Chinese dramas have become famous for their rich storytelling and stunning visuals. But dramas that show the political situation forbidden in a particular era then become the cherry on top. So, if you are ready to step back in time and live in this fantasy world, below are the top 10 Chinese republican era dramas. […]

If you are bored with all the dramas and movies, or you want to binge on something different, you can opt for documentaries. Documentaries are a film or series with few episodes based on actual events and facts. Japanese documentaries are one of a kind. There are many internationally acclaimed Japanese documentaries. They give us […]

Many Asian nations are still lagging behind Korea in terms of television output, although Korea is by no means the only sector. Japan has consistently placed second. Although anime is the nation’s most well-known export, it also offers a variety of other genres, particularly crime dramas. These episodes include a wide range of intriguing individuals […]