Article: Top 10 Japanese Murder Mystery Dramas

Many Asian nations are still lagging behind Korea in terms of television output, although Korea is by no means the only sector. Japan has consistently placed second. Although anime is the nation's most well-known export, it also offers a variety of other genres, particularly crime dramas. These episodes include a wide range of intriguing individuals from opposing ends of the law enforcement range, whether police officers employing unconventional methods to solve crimes or Yakuza members intimidating everyone as usual. Furthermore, the small-screen productions don't only aim to celebrate wrongdoing. Many of them criticize it, but they also manage to offer much-needed entertainment.

1. Your Time To Kill

The series is a masterpiece murder swap game. Nana and Shota are a newlywed couple who have relocated to a new flat. However, the apartment holds a mystery. They are interested in mysteries. Nana attends one of the monthly residents' association meetings. The show has multiple characters, multiple murders, multiple connections, lies, twists, and turns. The residents are asked to write the name of the person they want dead on a small piece of paper and then draw another from the accumulated pile. The name on the paper is the person you have to kill. This way, the person you want dead is killed by a random stranger who has no relation to them, while you have an alibi that can allow you to evade the police. Nana and Shota began investing in this case when the property manager died.

2. Alice In Borderland

Ryohei Arisu is a young game enthusiast. Arisu is unemployed and lives an unhappy life. After causing a disturbance at the Shibuya crossing, arisu and his two friends try to hide in the station bathroom to avoid the police. When they reentered, they were perplexed to see Tokyo was vacated. During the nighttime, they followed a notice to the game arena. Arisu is made to play a survival game with his two buddies, risking their lives. Arisu encounters Usagi, a mysterious woman who’s navigating the games alone. Together, they are predetermined to unravel the mystery and stride to go back home.

3. Unnatural

Japan's government Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare launched a new forensics agency due to the high crime rate and unnatural deaths. The agency is named the Unnatural Death Institute. The ministry appoints politicians and high-ranking officials to get to the depth of the problem. Mikoto Misum is the female forensics specialist in charge of the agency. She will be working alongside her lab assistants. The team also includes a technician and a recorder. The UDI is provided a task to investigate a range of baffling deaths. Together with her colleagues, she solves cases involving deaths arising from unnatural circumstances.

4. My Life After Her Death

The series is about the sweet grief of love. Yukari is a free-spirited young lady who radiates enthusiasm and a zeal for life that impacts everyone around her. However, what appears as a shock was her unexplained suicide. The last person to see her conscious, playboy-entertainer Hajime, strikes an unexpected alliance with her naïve fiancé, Yoshio, and jealous younger sister, Reiko. The three then set about uncovering the facts behind Yukari's premature passing. They started meeting people who were associated with Yukari to unravel the mystery behind the suicide. But as it became apparent what her secret past was, the reality was disappointing. Which shocked people who believed they understood her the best.

5. Miman Keisatsu : Midnight Runner

The series is ready in the police department. It involves the story of two cadets at the police academy. Kai is a model student with an analytical mind and great recall, which enabled him to hone his criminal profiling abilities. Unlike Kai, Jiro has an excellent physical condition. He has a warm heart and an honest personality. These two get involved in various cases in the police academy. Based on their knowledge set, they solve cases while taking help from fellow cadets and detectives. During this time, Kai and Jiro became best friends.

6. Miss Sherlock

Miss Sherlock is taking place in Tokyo. She helps in solving various mysteries in modern-day Tokyo. Sherlock is supported by her flatmate, Dr. Wato Tachibana. She is a surgeon who has just returned from volunteering. Sherlock has been contacted by Inspector Gentaro to assist in some cases due to her sharp observation skills. In the series, Sherlock has to deal with a secret organization. Sherlock and Wato Tachibana become acquainted and start to rely on one another.

7. Tengoku To Jigoku Psycho Na Futari

The series is exciting and thrilling. Yako Mochizuki is a diligent police detective with a strong sense of justice. She looks down on colleagues who slack off or engage in shady stuff. She was investigating the murder, and her prime suspect was Hirada. He is a respected CEO of a chemical company. While she was about to arrest him, their bodies switched. That turns everything upside down, including Mochizuki’s stance as the defender of justice. Because without knowing if they can ever shift back, she’s unwilling to be arrested and prosecuted as Hidaka. Thus, she reluctantly agrees to cooperate with him. Will she be able to get back to Hirada, or will she have to forever live in the body of a criminal?

8. Reverse

The Reverse is about a secret Fukase, a graduate from a prestigious university. Though Fukase is a salaried man, he is unhappy with his life. He finds pleasure in having coffee. However, coffee reminds him of his friend, Yoshiki. Yoshiki died on a snowboarding trip ten years ago. One day, he meet Mihiko Ochi in the coffee shop. He fell in love at first sight and pursued her. They started dating, and finally, Fukase began to live his life joyfully. However, Mihiko receives a mysterious letter stating that Fukase is a murderer. Only then does he realize that he has to face the truth. He starts to explain to Michoko a "secret" that he has not spoken of for ten years. The question is whether she will forgive him or their love story will end abruptly.

9. Theseus No Fune

The series unravels the mystery of a crime about 31 years ago. Shin Tamura and his mother have survived difficult times due to his father. Sano Bungo was found guilty of murder. One day, Shin's wife tells him to trust his father and go to meet him in prison. Shin got teleported back to the past just before the moment of the crime. Shin saw his family living in peace and happiness. Shin was determined to change fate. Will he be able to prove his father's innocence, or will his plan be hindered?

10. And Then There Were None

The series is a suspenseful series set up in a hotel. The owner, Nanao Shin, invited ten men and women to the Natural Island Hotel on the isolated island of Heitaijima. People had mixed feelings while having dinner. They were curious as to what was going to happen. Then, they heard a mysterious voice revealing their crimes. During this period, one of the guests is assassinated before their eyes. That appeared to be the starting point for another guest's murder and then another. Several days later, police arrived only to discover ten murdered bodies in this big “locked room.” Who is this criminal, and what are his intentions?