Article: Top 10 Japanese High Class Scandal Dramas

Within the vast panorama of television dramas Japanese drama creations emerge as radiant protagonists. Their innate talent for crafting narratives that intricately entwine luxury, ambition, and the captivating allure of concealed mysteries beckons spectators into a realm of irresistible fascination. For those inclined towards tales that plumb the depths of the lives led by the affluent and influential, I present to you a meticulously curated collection of 10 captivating Japanese high-class scandal dramas. All these dramas will ensnare your senses, sweeping you to a world where luxury, intrigue, and aspirations intermingle in a mesmerizing tapestry.

1. Tokyo Love Story

The drama explores the lives of young professionals as they struggle to find love, advance in their careers, and meet social standards in this setting. The story focuses on Nagao Kanji, who works for an advertising company. One day, Kanji is reunited with Sekiguchi Satomi, who has affection for him and is also invited to drinks by Mikami Kenichi, a former classmate from his hometown who is now in Tokyo. Rika eventually decides to join them, nevertheless when she brings over Kanji's wallet that he had left at the office. He is alarmed when Rika asks him, "Kanchi, shall we kiss?" on the way back. There have been rumors going around the office that Rika is seeing their boss, Waga Natsuki.

2. Hanzawa Naoki

Venture inside the revered corporate world with “Hanzawa Naoki.” At his central corporate bank, an idealistic banker fights against corruption and misconduct. He must utilize his financial knowledge, his insight into human nature, and his improvisational skills to stay one step ahead of his powerful adversaries while developing relationships with some surprising allies.

3. Cain And Abel

The compelling story of two brothers caught in a struggle between their goals and a web of kept family secrets plays out inside the framework of “Cain and Abel’s” storyline. It follows the life of Takada Yu, who was always jealous of his brother as his father always favored him. Then one day he meets a woman, at first he thinks it is just nonsense but later finds himself slowly developing feelings for her.

4. Sakura No Oyakodon

“Sakura no Oyakodon” transports us into the opulent world of royalty, where a talented cook discovers herself deeply entangled in the world of catering for high society. Azami and Rie are two teenage girls, living a life filled with delinquent behavior. After being pursued by crowds one evening and finding a decent hiding place, Rie points out Tsukumodo, a location where they provide free food. They meet the owner, Tsukumo Sakura. They learn that Tsukumodo, a lone secondhand bookstore in the Tokyos Ota neighborhood, is a place where people of all ages may enjoy comics while also finding solace. Sakura must also confront her own tragic past. She began making oyakodon for free because of an incident that occurred 16 years ago. Time rewinds when Azami and Rie arrive in Tsukumodo and Sakura decides to prepare them a lunch.

5. Rich Man, Poor Woman

It follows the life of Hyuga, a 29-year-old Toru who is a prosperous man. His passion turned into a lucrative business when he started operating an internet website out of a tiny room. He no longer enjoys socializing, and if someone approaches him, he assumes they may be for his money. Attending a job fair, Sawaki Chihiro unexpectedly starts working for Toru. Toru isn't as horrible as Chihiro first thinks. Soon, they begin to feel for each other and overcome difficulties of life together. The play offers insights into the intersections of riches, ambition, and the unstoppable journey of human growth in the persistent quest for achievement as he travels the world of technology and innovation.

6. Long Vacation

It tells the narrative of Minami, an unemployed model, and Sena, a college music graduate who aspires to be a world-class pianist and a professional musician. After being cheated by her fiancé and rendered penniless, Minami moves into Sena's flat, occupying the vacant room of her former fiancé. The two unfortunate individuals, who have pretty different personalities, get together because of their similar life circumstances.

7. Anego

“Anego” showcases the life of a successful businesswoman as she skillfully balances her personal and professional energies. Younger coworkers refer to Naoko Noda as “Anego,” who works at a trading company. It is a nickname for Naoko that means “older sister,” but is used here to refer her as a big sister to her coworkers, who rely on her for guidance. This drama portrays Naoko's daily life, including her romantic relationships, difficulties, and unease about the future.

8. Priceless

The storyline of “Priceless” follows the life of this exceptional employee, who was previously a mid-level manager with a bright future at a big firm, was abruptly changed one day when he was accused of a crime he did not even commit. After that, he loses everything he owned. He miraculously survives this crisis and learns from them how to survive without money, as well as the truly valuable and priceless things in life.

9. Soredemo, Ikite Yuku

The novel “Soredemo, Ikite Yuku,” explores the lives of two families brought together by tragedy and reveals the complexities of their ties. A friend murdered the younger sister of Fukami Hiroki. After 15 years since the crime, Hiroki finally encounters Toyama Futaba, the killer's sister. The drama navigates the tangled outlines of high society while dealing with the shadows of loss, mysterious secrets, and the struggle for atonement.

10. N No Tame Ni

Enter the world of “N no Tame ni,” where a unique sleuth probes deeply into the tangled lanes of human nature. The drama follows some university students who end up coming to a murder scene because of a plan they made. Among them, one was arrested on the scene, and years later, they realized it happened because they committed a crime at that time. The drama weaves a tale that examines the complex interplay of psychological intrigue and the standards that govern our society through his examination of the lives of his characters. It will keep you hooked till the last episode.