Article: Top 10 Thai Movies With Successful Sequels

When a movie becomes a widely acclaimed hit, it is almost tradition to follow it up with a sequel to expand on the plot. It is, however, seldom that people find the sequel as intriguing as the first. Filmmakers are so preoccupied with making another hit that they forget to add proper reasoning and background concerning the sequel, making it a flop compared to the first. Yet, every so often, there comes a hit movie with a hit sequel that leaves audiences content and the story without plotholes. Let us check out this list of the Top 10 Thai Movies With Successful Sequels to reaffirm this.

1. Pee Nak 2

Following the events of the first film in 2019, Pee Nak 2 gives us an account of protagonists Balloon and First who have decided to pursue a secular life by leaving the temple. However, they return once again as a new spirit seems to have latched onto them. This LGBT comedy seems to have won the hearts of audiences yet again with the new addition.


2. King Naresuan 2

This movie series ended up being so popular that it had five movies made! King Naresuan Part 2: Reclaiming Sovereignty tells us about the phase when legendary King Naresuan was at the brink of assassination by King Nanda who deemed him a growing threat. Did you know that this series is also considered Thailand's most expensive franchise ever made?


3. Ong Bak 2

This film is a prequel to the first famed movie, Ong Bak, which follows a martial artist who decides to rescue the sacred head of the statue of village deity Ong Bak. Tien, whose parents were slaughtered by a warlord, decides to take his revenge when he becomes well-versed in mixed martial arts. This movie ended up as No. 1 on the Thai Box office with an earning of 58 million baht.


4. The Bodyguard 2

This film was one of the most expensive Thailand's most expensive films with a budget of 100 million baht. It is a telling of the past of the main character of the first movie, Khamlao, the bodyguard. This time around, he must save his nation from two nefarious arms dealers as the clock ticks against him.


5. The Protector 2

Kham has found himself in the middle of a conspiracy- this time he is accused of murdering an elephant trader. This thrilling sequel is guaranteed to leave you at the edge of your seats. With stunning action sequences and heartfelt moments, watch as Kham uncovers a much darker side to the story.


6. Nakee 2

This hit movie features stars Urassaya Sperbund and Nadech Kugimaya. Nakee 2 is a sequel to the drama Nakee and not to another movie. A detective decides to investigate the strange happenings on the legendary island of the drama verse, only to find out that the woman he fell in love with is the medium of snake spirit Nakee.


7. Art Of The Devil 2

This film is a second addition to the horror trilogy, but each film features a different plot with different characters. A thoroughly humiliated teacher turns to black magic to get her revenge on our six unexpecting protagonists. This horrifying sequel did not fail to capture audiences internationally.


8. Khun Pan 2

In this sequel, Khun Pan has decided to take a new route and join a gang of bandits, going against everything he stands for, in a world of corruption and injustice. Watch as he grapples with his self doubt and misplaced loyalty and finally realises the path that is truly right (or wrong) in this installment of the movie series.


9. Khan Kluay 2

This sequel of the children's classic of the same name follows the famous elephant who now has children of his own and is hard at work as legendary King Naresuan's war elephant. This movie was dubbed in English and released under the name "The Elephant Kingdom" by Grindstone Entertainment.


10. Bikeman 2

A continuation of the first movie, Sakkarin has to deal with his newest and biggest obstacle yet, meeting his girlfriend ("fake" girlfriend) Jai's parents. Fans from all over tuned in to watch this addition to the series and were certainly not disappointed. Watch as he tries to impress her father and also win her heart in this cute rom-com.