Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Suffer From An Illness

Illness is something none of us can control when it has to happen to us. Not even celebrities, no matter how they are always treated by the best of doctors, dieticians, and dermatologists. These circumstances, at times, are influenced by your surroundings, or your poor health, affecting you from within. Here are ten celebrities who had to suffer from such an illness.

1. Wonwoo

Seventeen’s Wonwoo was diagnosed with acute gastritis in 2016, a sudden inflammation in the lining of his stomach. He also took a break from activities due to his health problems to focus on improving.


2. Hyuna

Famous singer Hyuna revealed in a lengthy Instagram post in 2019 that she suffered from vasovagal syncope – a condition where the person faints if they are in emotional distress or their body is exposed to too much stress overwork, or triggered. She had also experienced foggy visions and dizziness before this.


3. Uhm Jung Hwa

She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and suffered for many years. She even took a break of eight years from the agency, and one of her vocal cords had been paralyzed, so she admitted to thinking that she would never be able to perform on stage again, but she recovered and was even a part of a temporary group called Refund Sisters alongside Jessi and Hwasa and most recently was cast in Our Blues.


4. Choi Sung Won

The Reply 1988 actor had reportedly noticed that his bruises were taking more time to heal than usual. He got it checked up and found out the cause of it was acute leukemia. He had momentarily recovered from it, but in December 2020, his condition fell back again, and he is currently receiving treatment. However, his company says that it is nothing to worry about.


5. Jung Il Woo

This actor had been diagnosed with a shocking illness. He was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm at the early age of just 28. He had gotten anxiety and depression because it was severe and even life-threatening. He has come a long way since then.


6. Shin Dong Wook

When he was in the military for his compulsory service, he was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome. It was quite a serious condition that compelled him to go on a hiatus for about six years. He was away from the public eye for quite a long time and finally returned after his condition improved.


7. Lay

Popular former EXO member Lay revealed that he had hemophilia – a significant problem and a genetic disorder which used to prevent his blood from clotting in case he faced blood loss which is an important issue. He tends to bleed more than ordinary people do.


8. Kim Taehyung

Popular BTS member V revealed in a fan’s comment section in Weverse that he suffers from cholinergic urticaria, a form of illness where he gets a type of rash along with itchy skin and bumps if there is a rise in his body temperature.


9. Kim Woo Bin

In 2017, fans had to face a piece of heart-breaking news passed down by this celebrity’s agency. He felt uncomfortable, so he went to get diagnosed amidst his tight schedule, and it was revealed that he had nasopharynx cancer. Luckily, with proper treatment, he recovered soon.


10. Kim Bum

In 2018, it was revealed by the Boys Over Flower’s actor’s agency that he had degenerative arthritis since his early twenties. He did take a break from work to receive proper treatment, and his condition could’ve been due to many reasons, one of them possibly being an accident he faced with. He is in good health now, and working in the drama Law School.