Anime has a knack for creating adorable animal characters that steal our hearts. From talking dogs to mischievous foxes, these furry creatures add charm and sweetness to these stories. So, if you are ready to get into the world of cutesy and adorable creatures, then given below are the top 10 Japanese cutest animals in […]

Yang Mi a famous Chinese actress, singer and television producer. She was born in Beijing, China in 12th September 1986, into a family of a police officer and a housewife. She started her acting career as a child actor at four, where she starred in the series Tang Ming Huan. After that, she did minor […]

Discover the mind-blowing thrills, mind-bending concepts, and futuristic worlds of this epic journey. These anime will ignite your imagination and take you on an incredible ride through the realms of science fiction. So, if you are ready to be transported into a whole new universe of anime, given below are the top 10 Japanese sci-fi […]

Many animes are defined by their iconic protagonist or any other characters. Do you know what’s better than an iconic character? A group of iconic characters. The strength and vigor the teams carry themselves with are indeed a sight to behold on-screen. Some of the most memorable scenes and plots known in animes are brought […]

Sci-fi fiction is rocking nowadays because it shows the audience a glimpse of the future’s probability. The most famous element of sci-fi fiction is the robots. We have plenty of movies where we see robots with unmatched intelligence, and sometimes, the plots also revolve around what would happen if they could feel emotion similar to […]

When we talk about Asian dramas, Thai dramas are also among the list of highest-rated dramas. Thai dramas are getting more and more popular day by day. With the growing popularity, they are also trying to make their dramas more diverse so that people from every age can enjoy them. But, sometimes, we encounter some […]

It’s universally acknowledged that a drama is most enjoyable when stunning visuals accompany it. No but, seriously, who would want to watch a drama or a movie if it has dull and uninteresting backgrounds? Where would be the enjoyment if the characters’ clothes were plain and not period-accurate? While many viewers may not understand the […]

Japanese actresses are not only beautiful, but also radiate style, grace, and brilliance. And with every drama, they manage to outwit us even more.  The following is a list of top ten Chinese actresses. 1. Kasumi Arimura Kasumi Arimira is known for her role in the series The Amachan. Her show was a phenomenon in […]

The MAMA is a prestigious music award ceremony that recognizing and celebrating excellence in the Asian music industry. The ‘Album Of The Year’ award is given to the album that has made a significantly impacted and achieved outstanding commercial success in the Asian music market. So, if you are interested in knowing if your favorite […]

While our K-pop idols and Korean actors are ruling this world for their impeccable style, Thai entertainers are not that far behind. Famous actors like Win Metawin, Gulf Kunawat, and others have made a significant impact not just in the entertainment industry but also in the fashion scene. Besides their charisma and star power, they […]