Article: Top 10 Most Popular Anime Robots

Sci-fi fiction is rocking nowadays because it shows the audience a glimpse of the future’s probability. The most famous element of sci-fi fiction is the robots. We have plenty of movies where we see robots with unmatched intelligence, and sometimes, the plots also revolve around what would happen if they could feel emotion similar to humans. If someone can handle it, they would not choose to feel the burden of slavery, thus leading to war-like tensions between humans and robots. The plots are many, but the robots are always seen as an inseparable part of the futuristic world. Here, we will talk about the top 10 most popular anime robots.

1. Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z made its way to the anime world in late 1972 and became immensely popular. He is the robot built from Super Alloy Z that can only be found at Mount Fuji. He was made to battle against another mechanical beast who threatened the peace. He is excellent with his rocket punch and breast fire.

2. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagan is a mecha series that gained popularity globally and comprises a very cool VFX. The protagonist itself is seen piloting one itself. The ending is even more appealing when the audience sees Simon and their friends merging their powers into one powerful enough to wipe the stars easily.

3. Big O

Big O’s mega version was compelling, supplying every possible weaponry one could think of. The series was more of Batman with a giant robot; thus, it was incredibly famous in America. He was great with the arm attacks and mecha punches, too.

4. Valkyrie

Valkyrie took the concept of Gundam to another level with awesome weapons and no useless short-distance attacks such as Gundam Hammer. It appeared in the Robo tech series and gained immense popularity worldwide. It transforms into a robot whenever one needs to battle against the Zentraedi.

5. Voltron

Voltron is so popular that even decades after its first appearance, one can see its remakes. The concept is simple yet attractive. The story revolves around the protagonists who own multicolored lions; whenever they need a greater power, they can combine and get a robot form out of it.

6. Gargantia

The excellent anime discusses the futuristic world and features a galactic alliance female robot. The primary function of this robot is to fight against the alien threats. The anime is based on a futuristic world where humans have fled to the sky after an alien invasion. However, as one of the humans mistakenly falls to the earth, he realizes that life still perishes here and the higher authority has brutally brainwashed them.

7. Doraemon

Doraemon is one of the most famous robots ever to exist, and he is a 22nd-century cat robot that has been sent to the future by his upcoming generation to help Nobita. He is a great friend to Nobita and helps him at his every work with the help of futuristic gadgets. Doraemon usually comprises minor episodes where Nobita misuses Doraemon’s devices and has to come to his rescue, but there are several popular hit movies about Doraemon, too.

8. Zenda Claus

Zenda Cross is introduced in a movie by Doraemon called Steel Troupes. It is one of the most notable movies the Doraemon franchise has ever produced that speaks of a robotic alien invasion. Things start when Riruru is sent to the earth to look for a vacant place to set the base of attack and discovers Doraemon’s mirror world.

9. Franxx

Franx are mechanical robots piloted by a pair of males and females to fight against the Klaxosaurs and protect the leftover humanity. We can see them in the top-rated series Darling in Franxx. The anime is based on a world at the brink of extinction due to the greed of immorality.

10. Super Robot

Super Robot is seen in the animated Japanese series Super Robot Monkey Team. It is about a 13-year-old kid who accidentally awakens the super robot and the monkey members of the robot. Each monkey comprises a mechanical vehicle that combines to form a giant robot.