Article: 10 Of The Most Extravagant Chinese Weddings

Weddings can become a lifetime experience. It is made out of love and affection and weaves together the lives of not only the groom and the bride but also the lives of two families. Weddings are laid on the foundation of trust and honesty. So it would make sense to make it as memorable as possible. Follow up on this list to get to know about some of the most high-end Chinese weddings.

1. Cecilia Liu And Nicky Wu

Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu’s marriage was one of the most iconic weddings in 2015. The couple had reportedly invited over 300 guests to the banquet and spent a brain wrecking total of $4.3 million. They had a beachside wedding along the shores of Bali. Cecilia and Nicky took their wedding a step further by having 400,000 flowers shipped from Ecuador and the Netherlands.


2. Hu Jing And Frank Choo

Actress Hu Jing tied the knot with Frank Choo (Chinese name Zhu Zhaoxiang) a Malaysian man of Chinese descent. The Xiao En Group under Frank reported owns assets worth billions of dollars. The couple had apparently spent a whopping $6 million on their wedding. Their wedding venue was the famous Palace of The Golden Horses in Kuala Lumpur. It is an extremely high-end resort, mainly used for hosting aristocratic and high-profile events.


3. Cathy Tsui And Martin Lee Ka Shing

Cathy Tsui and Martin Lee Ka Shing united in marriage in the year 2006. They held a grand wedding ceremony at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.Martin’s family had apparently flown in from Hong Kong using a private jet. A total of 150 guests were invited. The couple had spent a staggering $90 million on their wedding in total. Cathy and Martin’s wedding has been regarded as “A Century Wedding” by the media.


4. Kelly Chen And Alex Lau

Kelly Chen and Alex Lau had been dating for 16 years before finally tying the knot in 2008. They hosted their wedding in the famous Hotel Inter-Continental. Alex had spent HK$3.5 million on the wedding.


5. Michele Monique Reis And Julian Hsu

Michele Monique Reis, “Hong Kong’s eternal beauty” tied the knot with business tycoon Julian Hui. The wedding took place at Hui’s mansion in Hong Kong. The couple had apparently spent $13 million on their wedding.


6. Carina Lau And Tony Leung

Carina Lau and Tony Leung were married to each other in Bhutan. They had a Buddhist-inspired wedding ceremony at the Uma Paro Resort. The wedding was honoured by the presence of the royalty of Bhutan. Carina and Tony had been seeing each other for about 19 years before taking things to the next level with their marriage. Along with the royalty of Bhutan, 100 other guests were invited along with the ‘Canto-pop Diva’ Faye Wong.


7. Barbie Hsu And Wang Xiaofei

Barbie and Wang were married at the Conrad Sanya Hotel’s garden in Hainan. All of the available 101 villas were booked by the couple to house their guests. The couple hosted a lavish wedding completed with invitees such as government officials and businessmen. The wedding cost approximately $1.3 million in total.


8. Guo Jingjing And Kenneth Fok

Chinese Olympic diver Guo Jingjing and billionaire heir Kenneth Fok married each other in Guangzhou. The wedding guest list included some very big names like the Jordanian Prince Ali Bin al Hussein, Jackie Chan, Li Yundi, and Allan Zeman. A host of top politicians, celebrities, and business tycoons also attended the wedding. Apparently, the wedding was so grand and big that the paparazzi set up boats and huge lifts just to be able to take pictures of the wedding. Guo and Fok’s wedding vows were exchanged in the Fok family home and the guests were welcomed at the Nanasha Grand Hotel. The couple had spent almost $2 million on the wedding.


9. Patty Hou And Ken Huang

Patty’s and Ken’s wedding is something out of one of those ‘true love always wins’ fairytales. The couple were married in Bali and hosted a rather simple wedding costing $800,000. Some news had reported that the bride’s family were apparently against the marriage since the groom earned less than the bride. But when the couple let go of the family’s words and decided to hold on to each other, they proved that their love was meant to be.


10. Angelababy And Huang Xiaoming

The so-called ‘Kim Kardashian of Asia’, Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming tied the knot in a royal-like wedding. The wedding details were seen to have been completed to perfection. Over 2,000 guests were invited and the wedding took place at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. Each of the guests received a gift bag to take home. The bags included many expensive goodies and even a new phone. The venue was decorated with thousands of roses, golden brocade detailing, and a holographic castle. The wedding cake was almost 10 feet tall and was shaped like a castle featuring a golden carousel. This was clearly one of the most lavish and extravagant weddings costing $31 million just for the reception.