Article: Top 10 Famous Vacation Destinations Visited By The Korean Celebrities

The regular people are always curious about knowing about life and lifestyle of famous people or celebrities. The type of clothes they wear, the type of trends they follow, the diet they follow to stay fit, popular places they visit frequently and so on. It’s always been the curiosity to know everything about them.

So, here are the top 10 famous destinations visited by them during their time off to enjoy their vacation.

1. Cebu (Philippines)

Cebu is the trendiest destination visited by Korean celebrities. This beautiful place is located in the heart of the Philippines. Countless Korean celebrities visit this beautiful white spread with lush green cover. The lovely scene with beautiful marine life is something to get obsessed with. The Bantayan Island, the calmness and serenity of the place is what people crave.

EXO’s KAI, moving around this beautiful metropolitan city brings another level of peace. Park Hyung-Sik, Park Bo-Gum and many other celebrities have visited this beautiful place.

Thus, this becomes famous among famous personalities.


2. Dadaepo Beach

It’s the southern part Busan, ranked with 12.2 per cent of votes. Is located in the hometown of Jimin and Jungkook, the serene beauty was walked by Jimin to film his vlog in 2016. One should visit this beautiful place to experience world’s most beautiful sunset. Jimin and Jungkook are examples of famous personalities who have visited this beautiful and serene beach.

It’s a must-visit ‘BTS Destination’.


3. Bohol

This beautiful place is known for its famous chocolate hills, where Sandara Park visited in 2019 to celebrate her birthday. Not only the chocolate hills are the attraction but, also the serene beaches and sublime Loboc River surrounded by emerald water and attractive flora are some famous tourist spots. Sandara Park and many other celebrities have visited this beautiful place.

Sandeul had a great fun time there when he visited the Loboc River Cruise in 2017.


4. Batangas

The nearest vacation destination from Metro Manila, perfect weekend getaway having stunning beaches. EXO’s Sehun visited this place, and the man looked the happiest. The obsession for infinity pools and the outline of mountains makes it the wonderland.

K-pop group SEVENTEEN stayed in Batangas in 2017 for their album jacket shoot.

EXO’s Sehun, K-pop celebrities and many celebrities have visited this peaceful place.


5. Seoul

The capital of South Korea, has never failed to attract celebrities in the name of tourism and is a famous metropolitan city. It is primarily popular for historical places, landmarks and many different destinations. The best time to visit Seoul is in August when it flaunts its beautiful weather.

Buchanan national park, The War Memorial of Korea, National Museum of Korea etc. are some famous places to visit in Seoul.


6. Beijing

Beijing provides beautiful scenery that mesmerizes the citizens and famous people. Tiananmen Square is most fabulous public squares. Beautiful large buildings, fascinating view catches the attraction of people. The capital of the People’s Republic has attracted the most famous Chinese actors like Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse etc.


7. Great Wall Of China

Located at the highest point of China, it is the best place to visit to see what the true beauty looks like. For some business-related tasks, many actors and singers visit this place frequently. Also, it’s their favourite vacation place.

Places like these are worth the visit and provide another level of peace and satisfaction.


8. Kawasan Falls

This serene beauty gives chills and the enjoyment of adrenaline rush while jumping off the cliff. The calmness given by cool and calm waters is a must-do activity. This trip is incomplete without the famous feast of the most tempting flavours.

ASTRO Sanha gave a visit to this healing and mesmerizing beauty.


9. Sam Phan Bok, The Grand Canyon Of Thailand

The most fascinating rock formation in Thailand, it is a must-visit place. Sam Phane means ‘three thousand holes’. Some holes are without water, and some are filled with lots of fish in them. The beautiful aquatic life in those tiny holes is such a natural beauty to admire.

The best time to visit here is in the morning as there is no shade to sit under in the scorching heat of the sun.

Kim Hong joong, Lee Yeon Jeong and many other celebrities had a visit to this wonderland many a time and have enjoyed this beauty.


10. Itaewon

The most famous place among Korean celebrities. It has many beautiful cafes and many other exciting things. It never lacked the attention of Korean celebrities. The shopping streets of Itaewon are something to get obsessed with, and the vibrant nightlife is the coolest thing in Itaewon.

Singer Cha Eun-woo, BTS band members, Jaehyun of NCT and many other famous personalities have visited this place.