Article: 10 Thai Couple You Never Knew Were Dating

Some celebrities are so afraid of public scrutiny that they never discuss their personal lives. Some even pretend to be single and enjoy the freedom of being single. Another reason celebrities avoid disclosing their relationship status is to keep their appeal to followers of the opposite sex. Take a look at the list of Thai celebrities who fall into this category.

1. Hunz Isariya & Gyeon Seo

Hunz The Actor Reveals His Connection With Seo Gyeon The actor reveals that his and Gyeon's relationship is that of friends because they have known each other for a long time. They've formed a strong bond now.


2. Mik Thongraya & Bow Maylada

Milk Thongraya and Bow Maylade, a popular Thai on-screen pair, have been keeping everyone guessing about their relationship. Their relationship rumours have been the talk of the town since they starred in the 2019 drama "Mon Gran Bandan Ruk."


3. Ter Chantavit & Mai Davika

Ter Chantavit is perhaps the luckiest guy in the world to have Mai Davika as a girlfriend. The most famous couple in the Golden Temple's land is Mai Davika and Ter Chantavit. They've been together for four years and have shared some of life's most beautiful and precious moments. Mai recently uploaded a pretty sexy photo set on their Facebook page to commemorate the love of two people.


4. Thanwa Suriyajak and Green Ausadaporn

After returning from Myanmar, Thanwa Suriyajak and Green Ausadaporn discuss their relationship. Thanwa Suriyajak and Green Ausadaporn had reportedly been dating for three years.


5. Max Nattapol & Mook Worranit

Max Nattapol confesses to dating Mook Worranit. In an interview with reporters, Max Nattapol admits to dating Mook Worranit. According to the actor, he began dating the actress in late 2020. Both of them didn't have somebody particular at the moment.


6. Mark Prin & Kim Kimberley

Mark played the nephew of a wealthy man in the 2012 series Punya Chon Kon Krua (The Kitchen Scholar), while Kimberley played a maid who comes to their house to gather materials and ideas for a drama she is writing.


7. Dan Worrawech and Pattie Ungsumalynn

Dan Worrawech and Pattie ungsumalynn have been dating for over eleven years. Dan and Pattie starred in "Spicy Mom/Spicy Boxing," a GMM Channel 25 comedy, in 2019.


8. Weir Sukollawat And Bella Campen

At the start of the film "Fatherland," Weir Sukollawat met Bella Ranee. Bella Ranee was a new actress at the time.


9. Anne Thongprasom And A Atinnabhan

For the past 19 years, Anne Thongprasom has been dating A Atinnabhan.


10. Barry Nadech And Yaya Urassayas

Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya Sperbund, a Thai screen and real-life couple are enjoying their tenth wedding anniversary together.