Article: Most Beautiful Single Inferno Stars

Single Inferno is a South Korean reality dating TV series released on Netflix that became quite popular worldwide. In 2021, the first season was released in December. The program’s hosts are Lee Da-hee the actress, and model Hong Jin-Kyung, Super junior member and singer Kyuhyun, Youtuber Dex, and rapper Hanhae. Due to its popularity a fourth season has also been confirmed. Here are some of the most beautiful Single Inferno Stars.

1. Choi Hye Seon

Choi Hye Seon, also known as Hazel, entered the show in the third season and at the end was paired up with Lee Gwan-hee. She pursued a major in Life Sciences on Bioinformatics from Ewha Women’s University in Seoul. Currently, she is studying at Durham University, UK. She has also interned for a company in Silicon Valley. She is also a model and has collaborated with brands like Nature Republic, Andar, and Bazar.

2. Lee Nadine

Lee Nadine is a YouTuber, former model, and TV personality, known for being on Season 2 of Single Inferno. She was born in New York to parents of Korean descent. Nadine is known for her beauty and brains, the fans loved her for being that intelligent. She recently graduated from the prestigious Harvard University to become a doctor. She was signed with YG Entertainment, from 2014 to 2018.

3. Song Ji A

Song Ji A is a 26-year-old fashion influencer, model, and YouTuber. She was already a social media star before she appeared in Season 1 of Single’s Inferno. Her fame skyrocketed after starring in the show. In 2020, she graduated from Hanyang University with a major in Korean traditional dance. In 2023 she signed a contract with Sublime Artist Agency. Her mysterious aura and idol-level beauty captured the hearts of many viewers.

4. Shin Seul Ki

Shin Seul Ki is a 26-year-old actress and pianist. She was introduced in Season 1 as a student from Seoul National University as a piano major. What people aren’t aware of is that she is the heiress of South Korea’s most prominent plastic surgery empires, and her father is the head surgeon and founder of BIO Plastic Surgery. She is currently signed under Big Smile Entertainment. She made her acting debut in Pyramid Game.

5. Yun Ha Jeong

Yun Ha Jeong is a 26-year-old corporate worker. She was in the Season 3 of the show. Her bright smile, big eyes, and bubbly personality is what made her unique. She works in operations for a medical clothing company. Recently it was revealed that Yun Ha will be part of the host group for Season 4 of Single’s Inferno.

6. Choi Seo Eun

Choi Seo Eun is a 29-year-old who in 2021 was crowned Miss Korea. After graduating from the Pratt Institute of Fine Arts in New York she returned to Korea. She was in Season 2 and left the show with Jo Yoong Jae. She is currently working in arts and modelling. When she entered the show she was given standing ovations by men.

7. Shin Ji Yeon

Shin Ji Yeon is a 27-year-old who was in the first season of the show. She is the epitome of brains and beauty. She was the first female contestant introduced in the show. What surprised many viewers was that she studies at the University of Toronto with a major in neuroscience. She was inspired to major in this because of her grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

8. Yu Si Eun

Yun Si Eun is a 27-year-old model for beauty brands. In 2022, she was the runner-up of Miss Korea. She graduated from Yeonsung University with a major in airline service. She is currently working as a freelance model. She is also known for her striking resemblance to Jennie from Blackpink. She left the show hand in hand with Choi Min-Woo and were just the cutest couple, also the first couple who didn’t get the chance to go to Paradise but still ended up together.

9. Park Se Jeong

Park Se Jeong is a 26-year-old professional model signed under the KPLUS modeling agency. She is seen modeling for various luxury brands. She was introduced in Season 2 and was known for her looks. She didn’t leave the show with anyone. She is a fitness enthusiast and has the perfect model body and look.

10. An Ye Won

An Yea Won is a 28-year-old Pilates instructor, beauty enthusiast, personal trainer, fitness model, and content creator. She is in the top three in the Nabba Bikini Model and the top four in the WBC Fitness Bikini Model. She was introduced in the first season of Single’s Inferno. She has a YouTube channel where she posts her lifestyle and fitness routine.