Article: Best Anime Characters Who Are In Their 30s

Anime is usually seen focusing on teens or people who are in their 20s. Many fans as they grow up look for shows that have adult characters with whom they can relate to. This problem thankfully has had a shift over the years and now there are a lot of great characters who are seen to be in their 30s. These characters seem to have a unique perspective, as they are no longer considered young, but also aren’t considered old enough. The best anime characters are those hard-working individuals who hope to find balance and peace in their lives, while they are still feeling young to be proper adults.

1. Daikichi Kawachi

Daikichi is only 30 years old when his grandfather passes. At his funeral, he finds that his grandfather had another child, Rin Kaga, who was quite young. Now that her father has passed away, Daikichi decides to take her in and raise her as his daughter. He lives a solitary life but learns to open up as time goes by with Rin. He has a very big heart and makes many changes in life to ensure that she grows up in a comfortable household. Even though he doesn’t get things right, he tries to be the best father.

2. Yoji Itami

Yoji, a 34-year-old who prides himself on being an Otaku, is a junior officer of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force. When one day a magical gate to another world suddenly appears in the middle of Tokyo, he uses his training and experience to coordinate the police force and assist in the evacuation of civilians. His primary quality is his laziness, as he believes that it inspires others to work hard.

3. Kyoko Honda

Kyoko Honda was not only an ex-gang member but also a mother. She also used to take people in who had nowhere to go. Growing up she didn’t have the best time, so she used her past experiences and used them to help those who were going down the same path. She was in her mid-thirties. Tohru, her daughter lives her life as her mother is still with her.

4. Shota Aizawa

Shota is a 30-year-old homeroom teacher. He appears to be run down by life and is often seen cuddling in a yellow puffy sleeping bag, regardless of where he is. At first, he seemed excessively critical, but as the story goes on fans realize that he deeply cared for his students. He works as the Pro Hero, Erasehead, when he isn’t teaching.

5. Kafka Hibino

Kafka is 32 years old and is about to give up on his dream of becoming a soldier in the Japan Anti-Kaiju Defense Force, but then it gets revealed that they have raised their age limit. He jumps at his chance and joins the force. He is a little goofy and sometimes unsure about himself, but he does his best to always stay positive. He represents a lot of present 30 years who are looking to rediscover their passion.

6. Jet Black

Jet Black is a 36-year-old ex-cop who is now working as a bounty Hunter. He has his share of setbacks in life. Alisa, his girlfriend, suddenly leaves him. His cop buddy also betrays him and he ends up losing his left arm in the process. With a mechanical arm, he captains the Bebop as they are trying to search for the bounties to claim. Being the oldest among the few he is seen as a sage, who is always dispensing advice. He is rough around the edges but has a kind soul.

7. Qrow Branwen

Qrow Branwen is a 38-year-old cynical Huntsman from RWBY. He seems older sometimes due to how much stress he is constantly under. He has a very kind heart. He loves his nieces more than anything and will do anything to keep people safe. He has his flaws, but he is a true hero who does his best to prove that he is worth it.

8. Roy Mustang

At the beginning of the series, Roy was in his late 20s, but by the show's conclusion, he was in his 30s. He is an ambitious Colonel in the Amestrian Army. He is an obedient soldier. In his past he has had dark times, so he tries to make up for them in the present. He deeply cares for his brothers and is a loyal comrade.

9. Levi Ackerman

Levi is 33 years old, has never known peace, and has been fighting the entire time. In the underground, he grew up fighting for his life so that he could just survive. Levi, now the Caption in the Survey Corps, is constantly risking his life to help discover more about the world that is beyond the walls, while he is also killing Titans. He is a ruthless enemy to have, who is known for torturing his enemies. Despite this, he is one of the most human soldiers in the military

10. Moriko Morioka

Moriko Morioka is a 30-year-old woman who is the antithesis of ambition. She gives up her career and decides to live her life by playing online games. She is so beaten down by the world that now she lives a life of solitude, and only interacts with necessary people in life. With the help of her great friends, she is pulled out of depression. She is an interesting character as she is a hero who gives up.