Article: Top 10 Inspiring K-Dramas That Resonate With Young Adults

Many K-dramas keeping it raw and pure have made dramas based on young adults. Listed are some K-dramas that will show you what an adult has to go through to achieve their dream, and it's okay to fail because failure is another name for success.

1. Itaewon Class 

Itaewon Class describes the story of an ex-convict, Park Sae-ro-yi. His father, who was killed used to run a street bar, and now he takes upon himself that he will make it successful with his friends. But he is strange with the business until he meets a skillful girl, Jo Yi-seo.

2. Record Of Youth 

Record Of Youth is a harsh reality about the entertainment industry. Sa Hye Joo is a clever and handsome man who is a famous model, but he wants to become an actor, which is not working out for him. Ahn Jung Ha is a makeup artist who looks bright from the outside but is very lonely from the inside. The drama shows how young people struggle to fulfill their dreams because competition has become challenging.

3. Run On

Run On is a mindblowing drama for the young adult who thinks that starting new is giving up on your previous hard work, But this drama shows that it’s okay if you still have a bump in your career. You can start fresh and new just by having a little courage. At first, everything will look hard, but as you run on, everything will unfold according to you. It follows the story of Ki Sun Gyeom and Oh Mi Joo.

4. My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes is one of stunning slow-paced K-dramas. It is a beautiful drama that shows the relationship between three Yeom siblings, Yeom Mi-jeong, Yeom Chang-h, and Yeom Gi-jeong, and how all three are struggling in their daily lives as they are looking to escape from their hectic schedules.

5. Fight For My Way 

Fight For My Way is a perfect K-drama filled with motivation and hilarious aspects. As two best friends, Ko Dong-man, a  former taekwondo player, and Choi Ae-ra work as receptionist. They are doing the job but are not happy at their heart. Chasing dreams and achieving them is not easy, and both are struggling for the same.

6. The Sound Of Magic

The Sound Of Magic describes that the world never allows young adults to follow their dreams and not let them believe in themselves. Yoon Ah-yi is a young girl who has lost her dream because of her responsibility, and a young boy, Na II-deung, is forced to dream. They meet a magician, Lee Eul in an amusement park who looks happy and mysterious from the outside but has a bitter harsh past because no one believes in him.

7. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One describes the story of Na Hul-do, who wants to participate in a national fencing competition, but due to unstable financial conditions, she has to quit her dream. Then, she meets Baek Iijin, who is struggling to build a life due to his past.

8. Age Of Youth 

Age Of Youth describes the story of five girls who just entered their twenties. They, Yoon Jin Myung, Jung Ye Eun, Song Ji Won, Kang Yi Na, and Yoo Eun Jae, become housemates and come together to live in an apartment called “Belle Epoque.” As all start to bond with each other, the aspect of laughter and sob makes the whole story roller coaster.

9. Dream High

Dream High describes the story of six young students who are very different from each other and enrolled in a widespread art school. Go Hye-mi, Song Sam Dong, Kim Pil-sook, Hyun Si Hyuk, Yoon Baek Hee, and Jason attend the art school and become close friends. All have the dream of becoming K-pop idols, and each other supports finding a way to achieve it.

10. Start-Up 

Start-Up describes the story of Seo Dal Mi, who is not satisfied with her current job and wants to open up her own company. While on the other hand, Nam Do San is his family's pride as he runs his tech company. It shows how young entrepreneur struggles to compete while dealing with failure.