Article: Top 10 Prototypical Characters You’ll Usually Find In BL Dramas

A handful of countries make BL series, and if you have watched, you know countries making them have the same pattern, like having a particular number of episodes only. Just like that, there are prototypical characters you’ll find in BL dramas.

1. Every Character 

Let's start with most of the BL series have all the characters who are gay as it is stranded. It's a BL that most of the characters will be bisexual, and it’s one of the prototypical characters you will find in almost every BL. Like My School President, a Thai BL where most of the group members are gay.

2. One Lead

Now, there are two male leads in the BL dramas. If we talk about one lead, they are always shown as popular or CEO. That is a red flag, but as soon as they fall in love. They become a green flag. The audience falls in love with the lead as some have a fantastic way of delivering their love. Like Prapai, played by Fort from Love In The Air.

3. Second Lead

The second lead is usually shown as the cute and sassy boy with an outstanding friendship group. They are funny and clueless but loveable by everyone. In some of the BL series, they are shown as an average boy who is dealing with a lot but still remembers to make the story more entertaining for the audience. Like Gun, played by Fourth from My School President.

4. The Secondary Couple

Come On! It has to be mentioned, but in every drama, you will always have one or two side couples that steal the spotlight and make the drama successful. Most writers write a contrasting story for the secondary couple to that of the first couple so the audience can enjoy every bit of the drama. Like Vegas and Pete, played by Bible and Build from KinnPorsche, they have a different storyline than the main couple.

5. The Best Friend 

Like in every drama, there is always a best friend for the lead, and we wish to all have that in real life. The best friend is the backbone of the lead and the drama. They spice up the story between the leads and make it more entertaining for the audience. We all have to agree without a proper best friend, no story of leads will ever succeed. Like the trio Pharm, Win, and Manaow from Until We Meet Again.

6. The Talk About LGBTQ

When the production is producing a BL series, the main aim is to spread more awareness about LGBTQ community. In countries like Thailand and Korea, same-sex marriage is not legalized yet, so the BL series always adds a talk about the same. The most gracious scene where the right of LQBTQ is shown perfectly is in the series Not Me, played by Off and Gun as Khai and Third.

7. Parents 

In most of the BL series back then, it used to show the aspect of parents' reaction and unapproval for the son being gay. And to be honest, in real life, too, it takes time for parents to accept their kids. However, the series of Tonhon Chonlatee has some of the best-supporting cast, and the mother of the lead, Chon, is one of the best mom characters to exist.

8. The Best Side Character 

What makes the BL series intriguing to watch, apart from leads and best friends, is the one side character that stole the entire show. We all have to agree that without that one side character, no series can ever be perfect and complete. In the BL series, many great side characters like Namgung, played by Ko Woo Jin from Light On Me, a Korean BL.

9. Second Lead Syndrome 

The writers always create a better second lead character to see the audience suffer. Be it any drama, a second lead syndrome makes the audience heartache as to why the lead didn't choose him. Like Bas, played by Khunpol from I Told Sunset About You.

10. The Annoying Protagonist

We all have to agree that in some dramas, we don't like the protagonist due to the shape of the characters. In BL, some of the protagonists the audience found very annoying, like Toh from Secret Crush On You.