Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Experience With Their Roles

We all love it when actors take on different roles. It proves their versatility as an actor and makes their fans support them even more. There are a lot of actors who love experimenting with their roles and taking up new characters that challenge them but unfortunately, not every one of them could be included on this list. So, today we bring you the top 10 actors who love experimenting with their roles.

1. Namgoong Min

He's been a psychotic villain, a goofy romantic dude a hilarious accounting manager with a sense of justice, a baseball team manager who is ready to give his all for the players, and a detective. This man has covered a lot of genres, and he's nailed it! No wonder fans expect something extraordinary every time they see him onscreen. We all love him in his new role as a special agent, and his complete makeover has left the viewers wanting more!


2. Gong Hyo Jin

Even though she's considered the "Queen of romantic-comedy," she's one of the most versatile actresses in the South Korean entertainment industry. With a list of hit dramas and movies on her resume, she's never afraid to try roles that seem challenging to her. What's even more fascinating about her is never once has she ever played a stereotypical role, and we love that about her!


3. Ji Sung

If there's someone who can play seven different personalities in one drama, then it's Ji Sung. Be it Shin Se Gi- the violent guy or Ahn Yo Na- the bubbly, over-energetic teenage girl, he slew all the personalities! He never hesitates to perform different roles! And for every character he takes on, he delivers them flawlessly. Fans can't get enough of him!


4. Ha Ji Won

She never plays the typical "damsel-in-distress"! If you've ever come across her dramas and movies, you know she's someone who thinks out-of-the-box. Moreover, every time she plays a character, she gives in her all, and it's visible to the audience every time she comes back with a new project. She's someone who never repeats the same role, and we all love that about her!


5. Lee Jae Hoon

Next on our list is Lee Jae Hoon. Throughout the years, he's played different roles, each of them having a special place in the hearts of his fans. And just like the other actors on our list today, he never shies away from taking on different roles, and most of all, he strives to give his viewers roles that leave meaningful lessons for the audience.


6. Park Eun Bin

Debuted at the age of five, this actress has numerous dramas to add to her list! And anyone who's ever come across her series knows how much of a versatile actress she is. She's played a bubbly, energetic youngster, a violinist, a bold baseball team manager, and now she's acing her role as the crown princess in her new drama 'The King's Affection'. Fun fact- she learned to play the violin in 3 months for her role in 'Do You Like Brahms?' She's slaying every single of her character!


7. Lee Seung Gi 

If you're an avid K-drama watcher, then you know Lee Seung Gi has played numerous versatile roles throughout his acting career. He's been a Prince, a mythical creature, a regular college student chased by a Gumiho, a detective, a killer, a monkey king, and a stuntman. Looking at the list of dramas he's acted in, it's evident that he never repeats the same role. He's also known to have done 90% of his stunts in 'Vagabond.' So, we have right here another actor who enjoys experimenting with his roles. And that's something we all look forward to eagerly.


8. Shin Min Ah 

She never sticks to the same kind of role, and we all love that about her! As a model and actress, many of Shin Min Ah's roles in previous films and dramas have forced her to learn and practice various skills, such as how to do it. Learn to box for your role in 'Punch.' She loves to take on challenging roles and we love watching her kill her!


9. Seo In Guk

The singer-actor has his list of dramas to back him up to show how insanely multi-talented the actor is. He's managed to play numerous roles that plunged him into different characters, and he manages to nail it every single time! He's well known for expressing his emotions through his eyes and pushing his boundaries while experimenting with every single role of his. And this is something his fans love about him.


10. Shin Hye Sun

From her rookie days in acting till today, she has bagged some of the most memorable roles, and fans who have been watching her for a long time know that she's never played the same character again. With the amount of effort and dedication that she pours into her work, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to state that she's one of the many actors in the industry who loves experimenting and exploring her roles. She even took professional ballet lessons for her role in 'Angel's Last Mission: Love.' We love it when our favourite actors push their boundaries!


So, which of these actors have left an impact on you with their roles?