Article: Top 10 Challenging Roles Done By Korean Celebs Which Are Award-Worthy

Wouldn't you despise it when you have high expectations for a K-drama and it turns out to be less interesting than you expected? We've all been there, and it's a major disappointment. However, some actors and actresses choose to star in fantastic K-dramas, and we can nearly always bank on them to deliver. While this isn't true of all of them, the ones on this list have consistently proven to us that their respective dramas are well justified.

1. Park Seo Joon

He was identified early on for his ability to capture audiences with his charisma and charm, and it's safe to say that any character he portrays will be fantastic. His latest performance in "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" as the egotistical CEO Lee Young Joon solidified our faith in his acting ability, especially because it was tough to detest his character despite his arrogance! What's more impressive is that his previous portrayal of the aloof and tough MMA fighter Go Dong Man in "Fight My Way" was so different. He's proven his flexibility as a great actor time and time again, ensuring the success of his K-dramas.


2. Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun's career took off after she starred in "My Spunky Girl," in which she played a sassy and likable heroine. Hers is one of the most lovable and unforgettable female personas of all time. As if that wasn't enough, she gained even more international acclaim in "My Love From the Star" as the famous and narcissistic actress Chun Song Yi.


3. Lee Jong Suk 

Lee Jong Suk is unquestionably regarded as a leading performer in Korea. Some of us know him as the angsty songwriter Han Tae Sun from "Secret Garden," and he was already a sensation. He selects scripts that pique your interest and make you want to know what happens at the conclusion. Romance is a Bonus Book" was his most recent K-drama before joining. Even though the series was a little more laid-back, it turned out to be a soothing K-drama that we didn't even realize we needed. Lee Jong Suk can always be relied upon!


4. So Ji Sub 

So Ji Sub tends to cast himself in characters that require him to be strong, affluent, and tough, which we don't mind because it works for him. The shows he recommends are all crowd-pleasers and a lot of fun to watch. Even though he prefers rough-and-tumble characters, his portrayal of the broken-hearted and withdrawn Kim Ji Ho in "One Sunny Day" was a departure from his usual performances. It's a different side of him than we're used to seeing from him, but it was a fantastic performance and miniseries!


5. Park Min Young

She's established herself as a rom-com queen, so we can only expect her next K-drama to be a hitHer depiction of Kim Mi, a self-assured and ambitious woman, was spot on. So she was dead on in "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim," and just when we thought she couldn't be much better, she appeared in "Her Private Life" as Sung Duk Mi. This series was a major hit with international viewers, and she played an important role in it! Talk about a powerhouse of a leading lady!


6. Lee Min Ho

After getting the role in "Boys Over Flowers," he rose to stardom and became well-known throughout Asia and the rest of the world. Since then, Lee Min Ho has done an outstanding job of selecting a diverse range of characters and screenplays that are all quite different from one another. He has worked in practically every genre imaginable, from action to historical to melodramatic, and has no similar series. The best part is that all of the stories are brand new and unique.


7. Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook, who plays a healer, was forced to undertake a lot of action in the series, and he won the public over. Following that, he chose "K2," another action-packed series, and then "Suspicious Partner," which made fans even more enamored with him. Because we've seen his light and funny side, many of us are looking forward to seeing him in more parts like this.


8. Jo In Sung

He picks and chooses his plays with great care, which we like. We're very secure in his decisions, knowing that his K-drama appearances are few and few between. His leading part in "It's Okay, That's Love" as famed writer Jang Jae Yul was a smash hit, and his performance was unforgettable. Because Jo In Sung has so much expertise, he can capture audiences in his roles. Just to see his incredible acting abilities, he's worth watching an entire season for!


9. Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Hyo Jin is a senior actress who began her debut appearance in 1999 and has since been hailed as one of our generation's best - and justifiably so! Gong Hyo Jin never fails to give her all in the roles she takes on, and she manages to make all of these characters appear completely natural. The K-drama career of Gong Hyo Jin is littered with mega-hits. Her most well-known role is as ambitious chef Seo Yoo Kyung in MBC's "Pasta." Fans are delighted for the start of a long run of successful K-dramas.


10. Kim Ji Won 

Kim Ji Won began her career in show business by appearing in a few advertisements, some of which are still recognized today. She appeared in a few K-dramas, but it wasn't until her part as Rachel Yoo in "Heirs" that she became well-known. Kim Ji Won has been on a major streak of blockbuster successful K-dramas since then. Her portrayal of Yoo Myung Joo, a fierce army doctor who refuses to give up the love of her life, is difficult to forget. Her portrayal of this dreadful love was so compelling that she became a sought-after actress!